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  • 15-Year-Old Jack Andraka, the “Edison” of Modern Times?

    Jack Andraka - Pancreatic Cancer Test A 15-year-old teenager could help save millions of people with the revolutionary low-cost diagnostic test that he has invented to detect pancreatic cancer at an earlier stage. Who is this teenage wunderkind? His name is Jack Andraka, and some of […]

      Stand Up To Cancer Funds Cancer Research Dream Teams

      Stand Up To Cancer There is hardly a person who walks the earth today who has not been affected by cancer in some way. While many cancer research centers are closing in on discoveries which could one day save the lives of countless cancer […]

        Chuck Pagano on Cancer; “It’s Already Beat”

        It always inspires me how athletes and those in the sports world approach something as devastating as cancer in the same way that they do the game they play. Athletes have a unique ability to channel their competitive nature into […]

          Open-Source Cancer Research (TED Talk)

          We recently came across this amazing Ted Talk by Jay Bradner and felt compelled to share! Jay asks the interesting question of, “How does cancer know it’s cancer”?  Bradner, a researcher at Harvard and Dana Farber in Boston (*also check out […]

          “CANCER” is a six-letter word

          “CANCER” is a six-letter word My husband was sent to the hospital a few months ago with familiar symptoms: abdominal pain radiating to his back. We expected the usual myriad of tests to provide the same result we had experienced before: ulcers. Ulcers are no […]