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  • Letters to God Red Carpet World Premier

    Letters to God Red Carpet World Premier

    Oh, what a night! It’s hard to put an exact order to the top ten nights of my life but the Letters to God (LTG) Orlando premier is most certainly on that list! On March 31st the LTG actors, actresses, producers, partners and supporters walked the red carpet at the Plaza Theatre smack in the heart of downtown Orlando—and what a love-fest it was! :) Those guys are up there among the kindest most thoughtful group of individuals that we Know Cancer folks get to work with.

    It all started with the red carpet walk and a 2 hour mingling session, where we got to catch up with all of our good friends from Possibility Pictures. The crowd then migrated to the 2nd level where the moment of truth awaited us…that’s right, the movie cued and ready! I got to sit next to the great Ann Marie Boskovich, who sings my song “Everything is Beautiful” (which is in the movie)! When the credits rolled and the lights turned back on, you could not see a dry eye for miles—although, it was hard to see anything at that point with tears in our eyes and a mountain of Kleenex in our laps.

    The film was fantastic!! And what’s more, they included a survivor story about “yours truly” at the end of the movie, which was an incredible surprise! Once we exited the theatre, we were given a pass to the 15th floor (rooftop balcony overlooking downtown) where the after party was being held. We arrived to a bevy of food, drinks and received the red carpet treatment from the catering staff. At that point we got some hang time with the actors and film execs who introduced us to some of the elite crew members we hadn’t previously met —and who were all extremely thankful for the work we do at Know Cancer! I even met a couple of “Everything is Beautiful” fans and then got to witness Ann Marie perform our song on the rooftop!! Yea, I’m pretty sure I pinched myself at that point :)

    When KC left the building that night, all of us could not help but smile ear to ear! We are so excited for the world to see the movie (which is currently in theaters across the country) and catch a breeze of the LTG movement! Make sure you go see it and maybe even write your own letter to the big guy up stairs ;)