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  • Meet the Man Who Fights Cancer on His Bike

    Meet the Man Who Rides for Cancer Awareness

    Residents of Scranton, PA may have noticed a man passing through on his bike with two huskies earlier this February. Aside from thinking that this guy must be crazy for riding his bike in the frigid winter weather, there might …

    Donor Gives $30 Million to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

    Donation for Dana Farber Cancer Institute

    For people like Albert Marcotte, producing new things and finding solutions are part of the everyday process. This Plymouth native launched his first successful venture after completing graduate school. It was a company that taught executives how to make …

    Why You Should Care About Lung Cancer Awareness Month

    Lung Cancer Awareness Month

    If you haven’t already heard, November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a special event that has fostered a strong community and movement around this illness. This is the time of year to make sure that your lungs are …

    Rock a Stache This Movember!

    Rock Your Stache this Movember

    Have you been wondering why more men are sporting mustaches (or beards) during November? This explosion of facial hair is for Movember (November + Mustache), an event that raises awareness for prostate cancer and men’s health. The tradition was …

    Is Indoor Tanning Worth the Risk?

    Is Indoor Tanning Worth the Risk? Know Cancer Blog

    Surely most people have heard how the regular use of tanning beds can put them at risk for developing skin cancer. Yet, it seems like plenty of women are still flirting with this danger. A new study suggests that …

    Top 5 Cancer Stories of 2012

    2012 Cancer Stories

    As the year of 2012 comes to an end, we wanted to look back at some of the biggest headlines from this memorable year. Some of these stories made us cry, some made us angry, and some showed us the …

    What an Obama Presidency Has Meant for Cancer Research

    While campaigning for the Presidency in 2008, President Obama and his running mate Joe Biden had been pretty vocal about the continued need for federal funding of cancer research.

    During the 2008 campaign, they even published their plan to effectively …

    What a Mitt Romney Presidency Means for Cancer Research

    Mitt Romney Cancer Research

    As we edge closer to November and the 2012 Presidential Election, there has been plenty of discussion about the differences between Mitt Romney and President Obama. A key factor for many people is the stance that these two men take …

    Jimmy Castor Loses Battle with Cancer

    Jimmy Castor dies of cancer

    Popular for his R&B percussion, saxophone and singing performances in the 1970s, Jimmy Castor passed away on January 16th. Born on January 23, 1940, James Walter Castor ultimately died of cardiac failure in a hospital in Nevada at the age …