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  • How Do Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Improve Your Care?

    How Can Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Improve Upon Your Care? Did you know there are significant benefits to enrolling in a clinical trial if you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer? One thing that grabs people’s attention is the chance that this could lead to completely unexpected results (similar to this […]

      Botox Injection Could Neutralize Prostate Cancer Tumors

      Botox Injection can Neutralize Prostate Cancer Don’t be surprised if more men start considering Botox injections in the near future. Only it’s not going to be for fighting age lines and wrinkles. New research suggests that this toxin could combat the effects of prostate cancer or enlarged […]

        Rock a Stache This Movember!

        Rock Your Stache this Movember Have you been wondering why more men are sporting mustaches (or beards) during November? This explosion of facial hair is for Movember (November + Mustache), an event that raises awareness for prostate cancer and men’s health. The tradition was started […]

          Gearing Up for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

          Gearing Up for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer diagnosed in men, and yet it is one of the last things you’ll ever hear a guy talking about. This is something we would like to change during September, […]

            Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer with 8 Lifestyle Changes

            Lifestyle Adjustments to Prevent Prostate Cancer The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has eight new lifestyle changes that they strongly recommend for the prevention of prostate cancer. A new study shows that by following these eight lifestyle recommendations, you could significantly reduce your risk of developing […]