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about know cancer

Know Cancer is dedicated to connecting, educating and empowering all people affected by the many forms of cancer. Through the power of knowledge and collective wisdom we will help people to prevent, endure and survive cancer. Our current focus is, an online community that provides social and professional support to patients and their loved ones. The website contains three main sections:

Cancer Education: an ever-growing comprehensive library of cancer related content;
Cancer Community: a feature rich social network with a personal journal and media gallery, the Know Cancer blog, and our “Ask the Expert” section;
Cancer Resources: a nationwide resource directory of cancer related businesses and organizations .

The overall purpose of is to create an environment where the members of the global cancer community—including cancer patients, survivors, their loved ones and everyone else fighting for a world without cancer—can learn together, interact and ultimately find the information, support and resources they need.

the know cancer family

We are eternally grateful for all of those who have contributed to this project!

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