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Cancer Education

Welcome to the education section!
Browse through the topics to learn more.

  • Welcome to the education section!
    Browse through the topics to learn more.

    Know Cancer is built on the foundation that through education and knowledge, we can prevent, endure and survive cancer.

    Cancer information is becoming rapidly available and empowers patients to play an active role in their health care. This world of oncology includes of the various types of cancer as well as the research, prevention, testing, diagnosis, staging, treatment and ongoing care of cancer patients.

    Healthy Living is about taking many, small steps towards a balanced lifestyle. Making even the smallest of changes can help you to live cancer-free. Check out our Healthy Living Videos for tips from the pros!

    You may also want to check out the Springer Journal of Cancer Education which presents research that aims to improve current cancer education techniques and solve current problems that exist in educating patients, and strengthening existing programs.

    The Journal of Cancer Education serves as the ideal source to educate physicians, dentists, nurses, students, social workers as well as other allied health professionals, patients, and the general public in various aspects of cancer education techniques and current problems.

    International in scope, the journal features a varied editorial board made up of MDs and PhDs working in the field, who see the importance of disseminating information about improving cancer education worldwide.