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  • Could Dogs Learn to Sniff Out Ovarian Cancer?

    Could Dogs Learn to Sniff Out Ovarian Cancer? | Know Cancer Blog

    Now, I am sure that you are all familiar with dogs that have been trained to help sniff out things like bombs or drugs, and these ever faithful companions have also helped pull people from disasters like fires. However, did …

    Dogs Get Cancer Too: May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

    Pet Cancer Awareness Month

    Based on a research study that was published in the journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine in 2011, approximately 30 percent of older dogs will eventually succumb to cancer. In order to ensure that more pet owners understand the treatment options, …

    Skin Cancer Awareness: Get the Facts on Melanoma

    What Do You Know About Melanoma

    Our skin is very important, but did you know that it is also the body’s largest organ? Our skin helps to protect us from outside injury and infections, and it helps to regulate the temperature of the body at the …

    How Much Do You Know About Skin Cancer?

    What Do You Know About Skin Cancer

    The widespread effect of cancer is something that has affected the lives of most people on earth in some way or another. It is a disease of the cells, and there are a wide variety of cells that comprise the …