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  • How Can Common Viruses be Used to Treat Pediatric Cancers?

    Doctors Developing Viral Therapy for Pediatric Cancer

    As a parent, you probably take plenty of steps to protect your children from the plethora of nasty germs that can be found in various classroom environments around the country at this time of year. However, you might be surprised …

    The Holistic Approach to Cancer Treatment

    Most people are probably at least somewhat familiar with the more conventional forms of cancer treatment: chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, etc. However, these conventional approaches do not always serve as the best option available for the cancer patient. In …

    What is a Tumor?

    What is a Tumor?

    We have all heard the word “tumor” and simply think of a mass of tissue. But what is a tumor, really? The definition of tumor implies abnormal cell growth; this results in an abnormal lump or mass of tissue. Tumors …

    How to Choose an Oncologist

    Chose an Oncologist

    Finding a reputable, compassionate oncologist who can help you navigate the scary waters of cancer is an important step in your treatment plan. Since you’ll be working closely with your oncologist, you want to be sure you do your homework …