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  • The IsoFlow Catheter: Giving Tumors a Taste of Their Own Medicine

    The IsoFlow Catheter: Giving Tumors a Taste of Their Own Medicine

    I came across an article the other day regarding a new medical device that just obtained marketing clearance from the FDA.  It’s called the IsoFlow Infusion Catheter and is designed by Vascular Designs, a company founded by Robert Goldman.  Mr. Goldman had no prior experience inventing medical equipment and had already made his money selling intellectual property in the late 1990’s. It was his sister’s cancer diagnosis that inspired him to start researching various cancer treatments, which spawned the idea of the IsoFlow Catheter. 

    This device allows direct delivery of drugs to a targeted area such as delivering chemotherapy straight to a tumor, rather than through the entire body.  It also has a distinctive design which allows medication to be pushed sideways reaching areas that physicians were unable to directly treat before.  Unfortunately, Robert’s sister lost her battle with cancer before she could benefit from this device, but will be the reason that many others will win it! Check out this cool video animation to learn how the IsoFlow Catheter System works.  I have to say, this device has me excited and I hope that it can provide people with an alternative treatment when all others have failed.