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  • Israeli Vaccine ImMucin Kills Cancer and Tuberculosis

    Israel Vaccine

    What if there was a miracle vaccine that could program people’s immune systems to locate and obliterate malignant cells? What if there was a guarantee that after surgical removal of tumors, radiation and chemotherapy a person could get vaccinated to ensure that all cancer cells are eradicated? What if people could just get vaccinated and not have to undergo severe cancer treatments, drugs and recovery? What if cancer deaths became rare?

    ImMucin, a new vaccine that boasts the ability to perform the above criteria, is currently undergoing advanced clinical trials in a hospital in Jerusalem, Israel. ImMucin is being studied for its performance against multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood. Julian Levy, CEO of Israeli pharmaceutical company Vaxil BioTherapeutics, explains that this vaccine could terminate 90% of cancers (those cancers that mutate) as well as tuberculosis and other diseases. Levy says that ImMucin presents no side effects and can be taken for as long as necessary. If ImMucin withstands the protocols of the clinical trials, the vaccine is expected to be available on the market within the next six years.

    The tuberculosis pathogen affects two billion people worldwide, and Levy predicts that 10% of these victims will develop the vigorous disease. Although there are drugs available that treat against tuberculosis, the treatments take months to function while the victims wait in agony. Additionally, the existing vaccines against tuberculosis are proving to be less efficient, so a vaccine that could prevent the development of the disease or kill off the disease itself would be profoundly beneficial.

    Dr. Lior Carmon of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel discovered the specific markers on mutating cancer cells that ImMucin kills. To be more precise, ImMucin teaches the immune system to seek these malignant cells and kill them. Cancer cells metastasize in a way that people’s immune systems cannot immobilize, but ImMucin enables even elderly people’s immune systems’ T-cells to operate with enhanced agility.

    Understandably, ImMucin has generated a lot of worldwide excitement and buzz on many cancer blogs. While as of this writing, the author has not been able to confirm these accusations with reputable sources, a number of bloggers have accused the United States Food and Drug Administration of being derelict in bringing this vaccine to the American market.