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  • Dogs Get Cancer Too: May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

    Pet Cancer Awareness Month

    Based on a research study that was published in the journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine in 2011, approximately 30 percent of older dogs will eventually succumb to cancer. In order to ensure that more pet owners understand the treatment options, latest cancer research, and even various things that they can do to support ongoing cancer research, the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) sponsored Pet Cancer Awareness Month this May.

    Unfortunately, any dog, no matter what breed or upcoming, could eventually develop cancer later in life. The primary goal of Pet Cancer Awareness Month is to provide all dog owners with the most up to date information on cancer treatments and research that could help to save the lives of their furry friend.

    Research Funded by the Canine Health Foundation

    Over the last 18 years, CHF has provided nearly $10 million in funding for canine cancer research. This research has led to groundbreaking advancements in treatment options and diagnosis, with scientists being able to study these diseases at the cellular level. Nowadays, the work that has been funded by the foundation has an even wider reaching impact, moving beyond canine applications to helping human cancer diagnosis and treatment.

    In order to raise the public’s awareness of this event, the foundation’s campaign has made use of social media, podcasts, and other online features to promote the research they are funding and the latest information on the different types of canine cancer. For instance, the most common forms of cancer diagnosed in dogs include:

    Getting Involved During Pet Awareness Month

    If you own a dog or just have always been a real big fan of man’s best friend, then you are encouraged to get involved and help CHF raise the needed funds for new research through memorial gift and special honor programs. You can also visit the Celebration Wall, which is a unique online photo gallery created in memory of dogs who have been lost to cancer. This type of memorial serves as a lasting tribute to dogs that were taken away from their families too soon.

    Then there are also Heroes for Health Research pages, which can be created for any special canine – be it a dog who is battling cancer or a dog that has always been an incredible member of the family. Anyone can visit these pages and make their own donations to the family’s page. All the money that is donated through Hero for Health Research and the Celebration Wall goes to supporting the foundation’s work to battle canine cancer.