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  • Amy Mickelson provides Inspiration as Phil Wins 3rd Green Jacket

    Masters Golf - Phil Mickelson and Amy Mickelson

    This weekend, the left-handed Phil Mickelson became just the eighth man to win three career Masters titles. And as they say…behind every great man, is a great woman! In this case, the woman is Amy Mickelson. Not too long ago, we reported that Amy Mickelson had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and shortly after that, his mother Mary had also been diagnosed with the same disease.

    Through all of this, Phil remained strong and now sports the Pink Ribbon on his hat during tournaments. Mickelson dedicated this victory to his wife Amy, who watched most of the tournament on tv because of her illness. However, she was in Augusta all week but unable to walk the full course. On the final day of the tournament, and looking like Phil would take home the Green Jacket, Amy Mickelson joined the rest of the PGA family on the 18th green to watch her hubby take home the prize! A long embrace after the victory was one of the great moments in golf history. It's amazing how some people like Amy Mickelson can handle adversity and act as a source of support and inspiration for those around her. We wish her the best on her journey!