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  • Ted Kennedy Remembered: Liberal Lion of the Senate

    Edward Moore Kennedy, better known as Teddy Kennedy was born on February 22, 1932, the youngest of Joseph and Rose Kennedy’s nine children.  Teddy was first diagnosed with brain cancer in May 2008 after having a seizure and battled it for a year before it claimed his life at age 77.   Teddy was no stranger to cancer as his son was diagnosed with bone cancer at age 12,  and his sister-in-law Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis lost her life to cancer in 1994. Ted Kennedy w/ Ronald Reagan It’s not a secret that he endured a great deal of family tragedy over the years; however Teddy had a memorable career as a Senator .  He wrote more than 300 bills that were enacted into law and supported important initiatives including equal rights, health care reform and working wages.  Also, the name “liberal lion of the Senate” was earned from his long history of public service. In August 2009, Teddy’s daughter Kara Kennedy accepted President Obama’s “Presidential Medal of Freedom” award for her father. At the time of his death, Teddy was the second most senior member of the Senate and was serving his eighth full term. John Kerry with Ted Kennedy In remembering Teddy Kennedy, I think Congressman Dennis Kucinich said it best: “He had a powerful sensitivity to human emotion and his life writ large the range of human experience: great triumphs and sudden reversals. His tenacity often came against the heavy burden of deep personal tragedy, which enlarged the quality of his spirit, and made his frequent expressions of humor poignant and profound. Yes, he made himself into one of the greatest Senators, with his advocacy for human rights for health care, education and worker protections. But Ted Kennedy was more than a great Senator. He was a great friend." Ted Kennedy w/ Barack Obama