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  • Know Cancer Bracelet Giveaway – The Results are in!

    A couple of weeks ago we decided to run a little contest and give away some Know Cancer Bracelets. The deal was…you had to provide us with feedback on how we can improve the site. Needless to say, the Know Cancer Bracelet Giveaway was a huge success!  First, we would like to extend thanks to all that participated. We received some great feedback… great that we had to select TWO winners! And the winner’s are….drum roll please……HeatherIrvin & Jody19!!!

    These two lovely community members offered us the following feedback:

    •    Provide a  list of organizations/programs available to help uninsured Cancer Patients pay for treatment as well as insured/underinsured Cancer Patients that have high co-pays and/or deductibles.

    •    List some resources to help friends of Cancer Patients provide the best support.

    Again, we appreciate all your feedback and take all of your suggestions into close consideration. If you have anymore suggestions on how we can improve, drop us a line in the forum! These bracelets are great gifts, so if anyone would like to purchase a Fantabulous Know Cancer Bracelet, you can visit It’s a feel good purchase… get to show support for the cause and give back, as $5.00 of every purchase is donated to the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute.