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  • Phil Mickelson’s Mom Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

    The past couple of months have been rough for pro golfer Phil Mickelson and his family. As of earlier this week bad news has struck again, not only has Mickelson’s wife Amy been diagnosed with breast cancer, Mickelson’s mother, Mary, has been diagnosed with breast cancer as well. According to the Examiner, “Phil's sister Tina reported the news to the San Diego Union-Tribune.  Tina told the paper that she wished for the news of her mother to be made known so that Mary could receive the same prayers and support that Amy did from the players and fans of the PGA Tour.” She is reported to have surgery at the same hospital, Texas’ M.D. Anderson Cancer in Houston, where Mickelson's wife, Amy, had surgery last week. 

    Amy has had positive reports after her surgery a couple weeks ago and is currently undergoing treatment. Mary Mickelson, who still lives with her husband Phil Sr., in the same San Diego house where they raised their three children, was honored in 1998 as "Mother of the Year" by the San Diego chapter of the March of Dimes. She said at the time, "I don't know if I've done anything extra than other mothers. We've always been involved and have just been there," which has been reported by the Daily News. It is highly unlikely for Mickelson to attend next week’s British Open, but can you blame him? Once again, our thoughts are with this family. We will continue to hope for a speedy recovery for Amy and Mary. Stay strong ladies!