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  • Chuck Pagano on Cancer; “It’s Already Beat”

    It always inspires me how athletes and those in the sports world approach something as devastating as cancer in the same way that they do the game they play.

    Athletes have a unique ability to channel their competitive nature into transforming themselves to get more out of a circumstance than, at times, even they thought they could.

    Chuck Pagano, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and had to step away from the game to undergo treatment. He revisited the team yesterday and after a win over the Miami Dolphins delivered a speech for the ages.

    Pagano praised his team before the game about how they were “living in a vision, and you weren’t living in circumstances“, and that they “REFUSED to live in circumstances. And you decided consciously, as a team and as a family, to live in a vision.

    He goes on to say, “I got circumstances…you guys understand it, I understand it.” And with more conviction than I’ve ever seen, emphatically, and with genuine belief, says “ITS ALREADY BEAT“. He then, among a sea of “Amens” and “Yessirs” repeats himself, “ITS ALREADY BEAT“.

    (this is where I start to tear up)

    Chuck continues, “And my vision… that I’m living, to see two more daughters get married, dance at their weddings, and then hoist that Lombardi (the Super Bowl Trophy) several times. I’m dancing at two more weddings, and we’re hoisting that trophy together man“.

    I can’t possibly imagine what it’s like to have cancer, but the people I know who do somehow find a way to live in a vision, rather than in their circumstance. I hope that for those of you struggling with this disease, that you can do just that, as hard as it may be, at least for a moment.

    To Chuck I say Amen, and Yessir!