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  • Welcome to the Know Cancer Community!

    Welcome to the Know Cancer Community!

    After many months of hard work and dedication, the Know Cancer Team is thrilled to announce the launch of our one of a kind Cancer Community! It has been a long road and we are proud to finally share this adventure with you. Our goal is to provide the cancer community with all the resources they need including the latest social networking & communication tools, access to health care professionals and an open forum for support and inspiration. Join the Community and check out all the cool features, and be sure to let us know what we can improve on :) We recognize that cancer is overwhelming for most people. It can be a confusing time with so much to learn and lots of decisions to make, and no one should have to feel confused or alone. For this reason, we have created the KC community. It is a place for hope, inspiration, conversation, learning, and tons of greatness all rolled into one. Cancer is intimidating, but no worries we have your back; let’s unite and kick cancers butt together!

    Know Cancer gives you the resources to prevent, fight and survive cancer by living an overall healthy lifestyle! As a member you will be provided with a unique social networking experience, access to leading healthcare professionals, a library full of content, and a nationwide directory of cancer related resources! With our growing community you can meet people that are fighting or surviving the same cancer as you, share your stories, and find inspiration within each other! Here are some of the things you can do in the KC Community:

    •    Build Your Profile: Tell us about yourself! Share with everyone your interests, your relationship with cancer, things you like and dislike.

    •    Write a Journal Entry: This entry could be a poem, a cool article, or just your unscripted thoughts.

    •    Upload Photos: Create multiple picture galleries. You can personalize each picture by adding a description. Once you’re done building, go explore the rest of the Community! Here are some other great things you should check out while you’re there:

    •    Browse the Community & Find Friends: This is a great way to find people that have had similar experiences as you. Browse the community by cancer type, relationship to cancer, or treatment to find people you can relate with. Leave comments and send messages.

    •    Know Cancer Blog: Hear from the Know Cancer Team, other members and health care professionals. Leave some comments and join the discussion!

    •    Cancer Support Forum: This is your place to talk about anything you want. Create new topics or join in some of the ongoing discussion.

    •    Ask the Expert: Submit your questions to oncologists in the “Ask the Expert” section. Read their responses to other peoples’ questions or leave comments based on your experience. Our site is built on the foundation that through education and knowledge, we can prevent, endure and survive Cancer. We have created the Know Cancer Education section which is comprised of information on topics such as: Types of Cancer Cancer Treatments Oncology Classifications Tumors Cancer Test and Diagnosis Breaking Cancer News Cancer Research Updates

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    The Know Cancer Resource Directory enables you to search for the businesses and organizations you need. Our Nationwide Directory is searchable by state, city or business type, and covers the following categories: Oncologists Cancer Hospitals Cancer Research Centers Cancer Treatment Centers Medical Imaging and Screening Nutritionists & Dieticians Holistic Practitioners Cancer Camps and Retreats Emotional Support Psychologists/ Psychiatrist Legal Assistance Financial Assistance Health Insurance Message Therapists Physical Therapists Home Health Care Prosthetics, Wigs & Accessories Hospice So, drum roll please…….! I would like to officially invite you to check out the Know Cancer website. Have fun and be yourself; scream, cry, yell, and get it all out if you need to! I can’t wait to meet you there. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Feel free to tell us what you like and dislike, or anything else you would like to see on the site. And remember, the Community is the heart of Know Cancer… it means nothing without you.