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  • Peapod: Who Says Grocery Shopping has to be a Chore

    Peapod: Who Says Grocery Shopping has to be a Chore

    Peapod began in 1989 when two brothers, Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, decided to improve the lives of others with this phenomenal convenience. Since that time, Peapod’s online grocery has served over 13 million customers in 22 U.S. markets and is busier than ever. Determined to change the way Americans shop for food and dedicated to provide an excellent experience to every single customer, Peapod has grown into an online industry leader.

    Peapod even allows people to easily find specific nutritional products, create shopping lists, use manufacturer coupons and take advantage of weekly specials. Need a recipe that includes the items recently purchased? Peapod even has a recipe section! There are numerous reasons to consider using Peapod’s online grocery shopping service. Busy families, inclement weather, lack of transportation or even the pure convenience factor can cause many to turn to online grocery shopping as a viable option. Another group of individuals who can benefit greatly from Peapod’s services are those dealing with illness, recovering from surgery and cancer patients.

    Cancer treatment is extremely draining on the body and most cancer patients deal with side effects such as fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss. During the cancer treatment phase, it is important for the patient to focus on proper eating and to keep calorie intake at proper levels. Planning what to buy can be challenging in itself, without having to deal with an exhausting trip to the grocery store, waiting in lines, searching for items and unloading grocery bags. The goal and mission statement of Peapod’s grocery shopping services is to provide the level of support that each individual needs so they can experience the quality of life they deserve.

    Recent testimonials from the popular website praise Peapod for not only offering excellent service, but prompt delivery and an easy to navigate website as well–which makes finding favorite products a simple task. Some of the testimonials include the following comments: “I am amazed at the ease of shopping with Peapod. Their services will save you time and money with efficiency. Even though they do not have a delivery to my area yet, they will ship dry goods offering me the convenience of being able to shop online. I so look forward to Peapod coming to my area soon.” “The ease of being able to compare prices is what amazed me the most. Try Peapod and you will be pleasantly surprised at the savings.” Peapod Millions of consumers across the United States share the same opinion of Peapod’s online grocery shopping services. Peapod offers a much needed alternative to making that weekly trip to the grocery store. With more than 8,000 products to choose from, including grocery staples, fresh produce, top quality meats, organic foods, health and beauty products, pet goods and even office supplies—Peapod is guaranteed to take the burden out of grocery shopping. Shop Peapod 24/7 and get $10 in FREE groceries