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  • Tidbits from the Know Cancer Forum – Take 2

    Cancer Forum

    As you may have heard in our last post about the Know Cancer Forum…we're just a little more than 2 years old now and the forum is filled with amazing tidbits of information and inspiration! This is post #2 in the series of posts here on our cancer blog– where we are sharing some of what’s been said when we let you guys "Tawk amongst Ya'selves". Once again a BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone who shares here on Know Cancer!!! Together we are changing the way we collectively & individually deal with cancer. Check out the most next set of posts and discussions that went on in the KC Forum…

    Celebrities design lingerie for breast cancer charity's auction

    sivananda Just a nice way to raise both money and awareness for the battle against breast cancer:

    Cognitive Thinking

    Chicagofm Hey everyone, I just wanted to try and offer some support in the only way I know how, which is through counseling. I work part time doing eyelashes in Las Vegas, and am completing a masters degree in Community Counseling. Over the past couple years, I've worked with so many men and women, who are struggling with various forms of cancer. I'm always surprised at that fact that no matter how bad things might be, all of my clients are still able to life my spirits. It's really important that you don't ever give up on hope. Although today might not be a good day, tomorrow just might be different. When Elizabeth Edwards was passed away, I was heart broken. Then I realized just how much she gave the world while she was still on this earth. Keep fighting, and know that no matter how bad things get, there are people out here who love and care about you very much. If anyone from this site is ever in Las Vegas, and wants to talk to a professional for free, or heck even wants eyelashes, I'm here. I'm also available here on line if you just need someone to listen. Perhaps, I can just be a stranger who you can talk to. My type of therapy is cognitive behavioral…which basically means that I believe our thoughts have an awful lot to do with how we feel.

    Skin cream to ease the radiation side effects

    sivananda Created by a breast cancer survivor and used during her own treatment, RECOVERY is purposefully designed for the cancer patient, by a cancer patient. Key to any good treatment is remaining upbeat and positive. Skin irritation, burns, general redness, and overall uncomfortable skin can be taxing on an already difficult situation. RECOVERY skin cream allows you to face every day of radiation therapy with positive energy by helping your skin stay free of irritation, tenderness, and redness. A unique, non-greasy, penetrating emulsion, RECOVERY infuses rich moisturizers deep into the skin along with ingredients that soothe itchy, swollen, and painful areas

    EATL T – cell lymphoma — any others

    mcperry I was diagnosed 3 years ago and just had a relapse. I'm 59, female, and would love to hear from anyone who has experience with this rare type on cancer. I'll probably need another round of chemo, but I'd love information on what type of chemo will be the most effective this time around. If you are out there, please drop a line! I live in Sunny Arizona. Cherrell Hi, I have just come across this site with my father, I am based in London UK, Doctors have been trying to diagnose my father with EATL – T Cell lymphoma – this has been going on a year now and we are due to see the Professor this Thurs for results – they are having problems with diagnosis due to a CD56 marker missing. My father is 60 years became poorly in Dec 09 taken into hospital March 10 and they found he had Celiac / EATL. We are so sorry to hear that you have had a relapse after treatment – Did you have high dose Chemo with autoglas stem cell transplant? – this is the only treatment which has been mentioned to us so far. Do you have Celiac disease? We hope you read this message we have yet to find anyone in the UK who has this type of cancer I have been through so many forums. I have been doing quite alot of research as I am sure you have to. We would love to hear from you. mcperry I had Hyper C-VAD starting in Sept. 2007. One and a half cycles put me into remission and then we followed with 12 week cycles of Rituxin & Fluderabine (1 week on, 11 weeks off). That lasted until March 2009 when I became hospitalized with a nuetrapenic fever. One tumor was discovered in Sept. 2010 and removed a few days later. I'm clear at the moment but will have some follow-up chemo in January just to be sure there are no stray cells lurking about. Celiac is a challenge, but your Dad must stay gluten-free. How is he doing with that?


    bitepourrie Here goes my story.I was diagnosed with colon cancer some months ago, the doctor prescribed me chemotherapy, after one month checkup, no change i dint work.Doctor advice operation and installation of anus praeter,i was baffled, he wanted me to set date imeadiatly.I requested some time and two days later i went to my usual poker night with friends,talked about and one of them told me why i dont want to try alternative medecine, he knew about a white herbalist who seemed to have treated many poor locals(traditional chemotherapy set you back somewhere from 4,000 to 7,000 USD, unaffordable for local philippino)Day after i went off to find the herbalist, more than 1 h questions resulted in a small pouch of herbal, with indication not to exceed 6 grams a day intake and to start with 2 grams only.He called it Annonamix.After one month checkup again and the doctor told me it was a miracle my tumor was only half size anymore, so me back to the herbalist for relaying the result and further medication and i got for 2 months more. After 2 months again checkup and the doctor told me that the original tumor who was size of big duck egg had been reduced to size of small pea barely could be seen. Now my questions: 1) Why the traditional chemotherapy didn’t work, as the doctor guaranteed me good result? 2) Why immediately he want to cut me open ? 3) Why this Annonamix(seems to be from 3 different Annonatrees) worked ? 4) Why this traditional doctor oncologist seemed to know nothing about alternative medecines? 5)Why this white herbalist(who proofed to be Belgian Biochemist, as his saying) seems to know more about fighting cancer than an oncologist with a lot of diplomas on the wall?

    Rare Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma…anybody out there?!

    Jodi562 Hi! I was so ecstatic to have come across this website and am looking forward to making connections with others who are facing their own challenges with cancer. I was recently diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma called, "Subcutaneous Paniculitis-Like T-Cell Lymphoma" and I am only the 201st patient to have been diagnosed with it since it was discovered in 1991…lucky me! :0) If there is anyone out there who knows of someone, or has heard about this particular lymphoma, I am waiting with "baited breath" to hear from you! In the meantime, please feel free to go to my homepage and learn a little bit about me, or, drop me an e-mail…I am here to lend support and prayers to whoever needs them! Have a great weekend~ Jodi TheKnowme Hey Jodi, I posted a tweet here: . hopefully someone will be able to help. You can also ask Dr. Jag a question in the Ask the Expert section! Hope this helps! Jodi562 Thanks! Will do! YOU ROCK! ;0) Evasion Hey Jodi, I am a Non-Hodgkins Survivor but not your type, but I am here if you need support! :) mcperry I have a slightly different type EATL (enteropathy type t-cell lymphoma) and am also looking for fellow soldiers fighting this battle. I'm thinking positive thoughts about you and wish you the very best. Laugh every day! I've survived three years since the initial surgery and diagnosis and had a 2nd tumor removed one week ago. I'll be returning to work in a few weeks and look forward to dancing at my grandchildren's weddings–don't have any yet.