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  • Cancer Screening Guidelines

    Can You Guess Which Cancers will be the Most Dangerous by 2030? Let’s face it, visiting the doctor’s office is not an activity that many people rank as one of their favorite things to do. So when it comes to getting screened for cancer, most people feel quite uncomfortable as their doctors […]

      Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

      Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Each year during the month of March, patients, survivors, health care providers, and many others whose lives have been touched by colorectal cancer come together to help spread awareness about this deadly disease. Colorectal cancer actually refers to any cancer […]

        National Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

        National Kidney Cancer Awareness Month Kidney cancer, also referred to as renal carcinoma, is notoriously difficult to detect during the earliest stages. One of the most common symptoms associated with Kidney cancer would be the presence of blood in the urine, though this could be […]

          15-Year-Old Jack Andraka, the “Edison” of Modern Times?

          Jack Andraka - Pancreatic Cancer Test A 15-year-old teenager could help save millions of people with the revolutionary low-cost diagnostic test that he has invented to detect pancreatic cancer at an earlier stage. Who is this teenage wunderkind? His name is Jack Andraka, and some of […]

            World Cancer Day 2013

            World Cancer Day What would happen if the entire world came together to combat cancer? Well, this is exactly what will happen on February 4th as we celebrate World Cancer Day. This is a very special day when individuals and organizations from around […]

              Lance Armstrong Finally Comes Clean

              Lance Armstrong Oprah Winfrey Interview Lance Armstrong, after more than a decade of facing numerous lawsuits and making even more heated denials, has officially acknowledged that he was using performance enhancing drugs during his record-breaking seven Tour de France victories. During a much anticipated interview […]

                The Status of Cancer in 2013

                2013 Cancer Overview According to the Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, one can easily see that we have been making progress in the treatment of certain tumors. Unfortunately, further analysis of this report also shows that the rates […]

                  Bill Gates Invests in Cancer DNA Sequencing Firm

                  Bill Gates Foundation Medicine - Cancer Research In a press release this week, Bill Gates announced that he was investing in Foundation Medicine with some choice words: “Advances in understanding the human genome are having a dramatic impact on almost every area of medicine. Foundation Medicine’s approach in […]

                    January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

                    Since its introduction in the late 1940’s, the Papanicolaou (Pap) test has been used as an early detection tool for cervical cancer or lesions on the cervix that could eventually become cancerous. This diagnostic test has indeed helped to significantly […]

                      Top 5 Cancer Stories of 2012

                      2012 Cancer Stories As the year of 2012 comes to an end, we wanted to look back at some of the biggest headlines from this memorable year. Some of these stories made us cry, some made us angry, and some showed us the […]

                        The Holistic Approach to Cancer Treatment

                        Most people are probably at least somewhat familiar with the more conventional forms of cancer treatment: chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, etc. However, these conventional approaches do not always serve as the best option available for the cancer patient. In such […]

                          Stand Up To Cancer Funds Cancer Research Dream Teams

                          Stand Up To Cancer There is hardly a person who walks the earth today who has not been affected by cancer in some way. While many cancer research centers are closing in on discoveries which could one day save the lives of countless cancer […]

                            Treating Patients With Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer

                            It’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and today we are focussing on some new developments in lung cancer research and treatment. Metastatic cancers are generally incurable by radiation therapy because such cancers are present throughout the body, and radiation cannot treat […]

                              Lung Cancer Awareness Month: No One Deserves to Die

                              November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and that means that people all across the country will be showing their support for the lung cancer community. We wanted to show our support this year with some info detailing the impact that […]

                                November is National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

                                November is National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, and you can show your support by taking the time to learn more about this devastating form of cancer. In general, pancreatic cancer has not had as much public exposure as say breast […]

                                  Chuck Pagano on Cancer; “It’s Already Beat”

                                  It always inspires me how athletes and those in the sports world approach something as devastating as cancer in the same way that they do the game they play. Athletes have a unique ability to channel their competitive nature into […]

                                    Breast Cancer Treatment Options

                                    Today, breast cancer treatment has two primary goals: 1. Rid the patient’s body of the cancer 2. Prevent the disease from returning First though, an oncologist will need to determine what type of treatment would be most effective for their […]

                                      Recent Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer Research

                                      Breast Cancer Research - Stem Cells If you or someone you love is affected by breast cancer, there is hope. Almost daily, new breakthroughs in research are being made. Stem Cells To Fight Breast Cancer Stem cell research continues to lead to new discoveries in science […]

                                        Top 10 Breast Cancer Fighting Foods

                                        Fight Cancer - Green Tea The Relationship Between Diet & Disease What, exactly, is the relationship between diet and disease? Can the food that you ingest on a daily basis really make a difference? Avoid Meat, Eat Plants Eat plants. This is the general consensus […]

                                          Breast Cancer Awareness Month [INFOGRAPHIC]

                                          Breast Cancer Awareness Month In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we put together this little infographic to give an overview of breast cancer. Click the thumbnail below to open the full image: Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in […]

                                            Breast Cancer Screening – Oh How Our Views Have Changed

                                            In 2009, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force officially recommended that women from the ages of 50 to 74 should get a mammogram every two years. Over the years though, women with no medical history of breast cancer risk factors […]

                                              What an Obama Presidency Has Meant for Cancer Research

                                              While campaigning for the Presidency in 2008, President Obama and his running mate Joe Biden had been pretty vocal about the continued need for federal funding of cancer research. During the 2008 campaign, they even published their plan to effectively […]

                                                What a Mitt Romney Presidency Means for Cancer Research

                                                Mitt Romney Cancer Research As we edge closer to November and the 2012 Presidential Election, there has been plenty of discussion about the differences between Mitt Romney and President Obama. A key factor for many people is the stance that these two men take […]

                                                  Being There to Lend a Helping Hand

                                                  Emotional Support One cannot overlook the emotional toll that cancer can have on a patient and his or her family. After receiving a diagnosis, there are many emotions which can make it very difficult for the cancer patient to cope with the […]

                                                  GERD May Increase Your Risk of Esophageal Cancer

                                                  gerd may cause cancer A new GERD clinical study has had some interesting results. This recent study was published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, the official journal of the American Gastroenterological Association. The medical researchers that were conducting this study came to a new […]

                                                  Warren Buffet Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

                                                  It was recently announced that Warren Buffet, age 81, has been diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer. The announcement was made by the American multinational conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway, of which Mr. Buffet is acting CEO and Chairman. It has been […]

                                                  Jose Padilla vs. Leukemia

                                                  We were recently contacted by Jonathan Goudy, a Utah Valley University entrepreneur student. One of his fellow classmates was diagnosed with cancer this semester and for their final project, the entrepreneur class is raising money for him. They made a […]

                                                  Eating Right Can Save Your Life

                                                  Eat Healthy Did you know that what you’re eating could play a significant role in your treatment of cancer? There have been multiple studies and an abundance of research done to show that consuming a healthy nutritional diet could reduce the effects […]

                                                  The Anatomy of an Asbestos Lawsuit

                                                  Asbestos was a popular mineral because of its affordability and many commercial applications. The minerals are able to absorb well, it is strong and is resistant to fire, heat and electricity. While these qualities made Asbestos popular for building and […]