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  • Being There to Lend a Helping Hand

    Emotional Support

    One cannot overlook the emotional toll that cancer can have on a patient and his or her family. After receiving a diagnosis, there are many emotions which can make it very difficult for the cancer patient to cope with the situation at hand. Often, they need some more help, because their illness can make them feel isolated even from their loved ones. Fortunately, there are various groups and services available which can help cancer patients and their families through this most difficult of times.

    Actually, there have been a number of studies which have shown just how important emotional support is for a cancer patient. Patients who are able to maintain those close social and emotional ties will have a stronger likelihood of surviving their illness with a lower rate of recurrence. However, it is important to remember that it is not only the patient who will be experiencing the emotional effects of a cancer diagnosis.

    Keeping up the lines of communication will be critical during this ordeal. It is quite normal for people to have mixed feelings about the situation at hand, but one of the worst things that can be done is failing to adequately address these feelings when they come up. When these feelings are kept down inside, they can start to fester, which makes it that much tougher to deal with them down the road. Even though it is going to be extremely hard to do, patients and their families need to have these conversations, because it is far more destructive to allow these emotions to be swept aside.

    However, don’t be afraid to seek help from someone outside the family if you feel there is absolutely no way you can share your emotions with your family. There are counselors who will be more than happy to work with you and your family during this time.

    In fact, there are places like who can help to connect you with a counselor for yourself and your family. was started in 2007 by Noah Rubinstein, who had been inspired to create an organization that would work to provide a better form of therapy for anyone in need. With this goal in mind, they compiled a directory of therapists who truly cared not only about helping their clients, but about treating them as fundamentally proficient and capable, rather than simply “sick.”

    Now is ranked as one of the best therapist directories available on the web, pulling together health care professionals from more than 30 countries around the world. In an ongoing effort to reduce potential harm from therapy, Good Therapy continues to educate the populace about the differences between unhealthy and healthy psychotherapeutic practices, while also promoting better approaches within the professional community.

    Emotional support can even help those who have survived their cancer. Some patients may feel some added stress in their lives after their cancer has gone into remission. During this time, many survivors find it helpful to be able to talk with others about their various concerns. It can be very beneficial for them to receive that emotional support from those who truly understand what they are going through at that moment.

    Many cancer patients have certain individuals in their lives who are able to help them out in different ways throughout their illnesses. However, some people may not have that crucial support network, and they may feel extremely lonely when dealing with the emotional aftermath of their diagnosis.

    Please remember that there are always nonprofit cancer support groups who are ready and willing to offer their support. They will help put you in contact with others who know what you are experiencing and can actually understand what you are feeling. No one ever has to deal with this type of illness on his or her own.