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  • Know Your Options: Home Health Care and Hospices

    If you of a family member has been diagnosed with cancer, it is nice to know that you have options available to you even during the toughest of times. For some patients, they may no longer need to be in the hospital, and with home health care services they can still receive the required care at home. Unfortunately, there are some patients who will succumb to their illness. When it comes to this stage, a hospice can help to make sure that they feel as comfortable as possible in their final days.

    Advantages of Home Health Care

    With home health care services, cancer patients are able to receive needed medical attention in the comfort of their own home. This change of scenery can truly be very beneficial to patients as they are battling such a formidable disease. With advancements in technology, it is now possible to perform services in the home which once required a visit to the physician’s office. Plus the range of services provided depends completely on the patient in question. Some may only need one visit from health care providers, while others may need to be cared for around the clock.

    The Importance of Hospices

    As mentioned earlier, the primary goal of a hospice is to make the patient as comfortable as possible during their remaining days. Patients have a number of different needs to be fulfilled during this period, and hospice care can provide this for them. Patients can receive hospice care in the nursing home, hospital, a residential setting (if specially equipped), or at their own home. Hospice care can also provide emotional support for the family during this trying time, because it takes a holistic approach to treatment. This means that they are not only meeting the patient’s medical needs, but also their spiritual needs as well. Similar to home health care, hospice care has a clear advantage in that it can be administered in a comfortable setting like the home. This can really make all the difference during these final hours.

    Hospice and Home Health Care Providers to Learn About

    Bayonne Visiting Nurse Association (BVNA)

    Since 1921, this association has provided at-home health care and hospice services in New York. Patients in Hudson County and the communities of Lyndhurst, Rutherford, and North Arlington can all receive health care services from Bayonne Visiting nurses. BVNA offers a broad range of services based on the specific needs of their patients and families. In fact, this association has received much praise over the years for the quality of care with which they provide their patients. In 1988, the Bayonne Visiting Nurse Association was accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) for their distinguished service.

    Comfort Keepers

    The Comfort Keepers, a hospice provider in San Diego, have received much acclaim for the quality of their in-home and senior care services. Their highly trained caregivers take great pride in helping their patients accomplish the activities of daily life. With their senior care program, Comfort Keepers will help seniors experience the healthy and fulfilling lives they want, at the place they want to be. With Comfort Keepers, patients should be able to maintain the highest possible level of independence with their current condition for as long as possible.

    Lion Hospice

    The lion and the lamb have long stood as a symbol of peace. A leading Hospice provider in Dallas, Lion Hospice’s goal is to provide terminally ill patients with that fulfilling feeling of peace in their final days. Their nurses know that dying is just a normal part of the life cycle, but they can help enhance the quality of those final moments. With hospice care, the patient is neither postponed nor hastened toward death. Lion Hospice services can provide the needed comfort and support to patients in the last phases of their terminal conditions. Lion Hospice can offer assurance, care, and dignity in a comfortable setting.

    Acclaim Professional Healthcare

    Lastly, we have Acclaim Professional Healthcare. They have been offering in-home health care services to the San Francisco Bay area since 2002.Though they may not have the longest history, Acclaim healthcare providers are specialists who can bring a patient top-quality care in the comfort of their own home. Choosing a home health care provider is a personal choice, but one wants to have assurance. The Acclaim home care providers will keep families together, while making loved ones feel secure about the administration of care at home. This is a company that has built up an impressive reputation on firm reliability, trust, and complete satisfaction.