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  • Smoke Free…the Way to Be!

    I grew up in a Philadelphia suburb and started smoking at the age of 15. Then, moved to Florida in my early 20s. Became an I/T professional and graduated to I/T Project Manager. Moved to South Florida and started working with Carnival Cruise Lines doing worldwide I/T systems deployments. My smoking habit escalated to over 2 ½ packs per day.

    My girlfriend, Melissa was distraught when her mother developed lung cancer. We watched as the cancer went into remission and re-emerged again. The cancer finally took her life and devastated her family. Her mother was never able to put the cigarettes down even while she was going through chemotherapy. At that point we realized what an incredible hold that cigarettes had on people and we wanted to quit smoking.  We tried many pills and patches but nothing seemed to work. We soon discovered laser therapy and were able to quit smoking in just 1 day.

    A month later my father, Ken moved down from Pennsylvania and was amazed that I was finally able to quit smoking. After smoking for 43 years, he was able to quit with just one laser therapy treatment. After months of research and setting up FDA studies, Mark, Melissa and Ken opened up Healing Laser Clinics of Central Florida under the direction of their Medical Director, Dr. Michael Dillehay.

    The clinic has now been open for close to 4 years and has successfully treated over 3500 clients.  Healing Laser Clinics has treated many local celebrities and has been featured on the news countless times. Healing Laser Clinics also has a partnership with the Central Florida American Lung Association and participates in many of their programs to be able to provide donations for lung research. Currently, the clinic is selling licenses to open up clinics like it across the country.

    Video Intro:

    It’s no secret that smoking greatly increases your risk of getting cancer. Making the commitment to not smoke is one of the most proactive changes you can make for your overall health. Mark Marino gives us a peak at the most effective methods to quitting with the least amount of side effects.  He also walks us through what it is like to quit smoking and some of the everyday things we don’t think about when quitting. Press play, engage and enjoy!

    Interview Questions:

    1. Describe some of the mental and physical changes that occur during the first week of quitting?
    2. What are the best ways to ease the body and mind through the peak of withdrawal?
    3. What are the 3 most important long term benefits of quitting smoking?
    4. In accord, what are the top 3 short term benefits of quitting?
    5. Describe some of the other positive life changes that people don’t normally think about when they stop smoking?
    6. From what you’ve seen, what are the most effective methods of quitting smoking?
    7. Quitting tobacco use and remaining smoke free are 2 different things, what is the best advice for staying smokeless?
    8. How does stress play a role in making it harder to give up smoking for good?
    9. How long does it take for nicotine and it’s by-products to fully leave the body?
    10. From the day of quitting, when can most smokers expect to fully kick the habit and cut off all cravings for a cigarette?