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  • Healthy Living at Work

    Cheryl Miller
    Life Coach and self-proclaimed Ambassador of Wellness

    Cheryl Miller is a trained life coach who received her M.S. degree in Exercise Science & Community Health at the University of Kansas. She also completed a Masters program in the field of English at Western Michigan University. Like many of us, Cheryl’s background is riddled with tobacco use, junk food, poor exercise habits, and a lack of focus. After many years of trudging through life unhappily, Cheryl did a complete 360. Today, with the help of her education and life experience, Cheryl Miller is helping tens of thousands of people live healthy, focused lives. Presently, Cheryl Miller is the director of an employee wellness program for 46,000 employees. She has also been instrumental in developing an online community known as, which offers a wide variety of resources designed to help people achieve good health.


    Video Intro:

    The daily hustle and bustle can make it difficult to focus on health. Cheryl Miller however, has a different take on it. In this video interview  she discusses how healthy eating, fitness and emotional well being "can" and" should" be associated with the workplace. She shows us how to stop making excuses and start making little changes that can make a big difference.  Press play, engage and enjoy!






    Snacking at work

    1. What are some healthy things to snack on at work?

    2. While at work is it better to eat 1 or 2 large meals or several snacks and smaller meals?

    3. I get really hungry mid morning and mid afternoon and I crave sugar and salt. Is that normal? Is it ok to eat sugary and salty things during these times?

    Fitness at work

    1. A lot of people sit all day at work…what are the negative effects of sitting all day?

    2. What kinds of exercise can be effective while sitting at work?

    3. What other things can be done to counteract being sedentary at work?

    4. Most workplaces don’t have showers…is it necessary to work up a sweat to get the benefits of exercise?

    Healthy Eating at Work

    1. For people who like to eat lunch out of the office, where are the best places to go and best foods to eat if you only have an hour break?

    2. What are the best things to eat in the morning that will give you energy throughout the day?

    3. What are some healthy foods people should pack who bring their own lunch?

    4. For companies that celebrate holidays, birthdays, etc all the time it can be hard to keep from eating junk all day long…any suggestions on how to still participate in those activities and not eat all that junk food?

    5. During a really busy day it’s easy to forget to drink water. Do you have any tips that will help people drink more water? How much water is a healthy balance?

    6. What are the biggest challenges when eating healthy at work…and what can be done to make those challenges easier?

    Mental/emotional wellness at work:

    1. If you don’t like your job, how could that have a negative effect on your health?

    2. Do you have any suggestions for people who work really long hours and have trouble sleeping?

    3. If your co-workers have negative attitudes can that affect your health? If so, what can you do about it?

    4. Some companies offer an employee assistance program (EAP) where they can go to get counseling…What are some of the reasons and emotional signals that would warrant using an employee benefit program?

    5. When feeling fatigued and stressed out at work, what are some quick mental exercises to reset your state of mind?