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  • Nutrition and Supplementation

    Lois Adams
    Freedom Pharmacy and Wellness Center
    R. Ph C. Ph
    Lois is a graduate of the College of Pharmacy, University of Florida with a B.S. in Pharmacy, she is an inductee into the College of Business Administration Hall of Fame at the University of Central Florida where she received her MBA. She also received the RQ Richards Award for public relations in Pharmacy in Florida and the Elan Pharmaceutical Co. Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award in 2004.

    Lois was voted 2000 to 2004 Business Woman of the year by the Republican Congressional Committee. She was the recipient of the Ronald Reagan Award for Entrepreneurship and the National Leadership Award by the Republican National Committee.

    In addition, Lois has formed the Center for Memory Disorders, a non-profit organization designed to treat all forms of memory disorders from mild dementia through Alzheimer’s Disease. The Center has been dedicated to Lois’ mother for whom she was the primary care giver for the last years of her life.


    Video Intro:

    Most of us are just starting to become aware of supplements and other herbal remedies when balancing our health.  Lois Adams shows us how using these natural therapies  can be  the most comprehensive allies in living a life filled with vitality. Sit back, as she takes us through a natural approach to living healthy. Press play, engage and enjoy!

    Interview Questions:

    1. Generally explain why nutrition and supplementation is necessary when achieving overall health?

    2. How has our understanding of supplements changed over the last 20 years?

    3. What are antioxidants and how do they equip the body to prevent and fight disease?

    4. For the average person, which supplements are the most beneficial to take habitually and why?

    5.  For cancer patients undergoing toxic treatment (chemotherapy, radiation), what intake would you recommend in order to combat the toxicity and increase overall energy?

    6. Describe how dietary supplements are essential in balancing the lack of nutrients in the foods we eat?

    7. Since most nutraceutical companies are not FDA regulated, what are some key things to look for when choosing the purest supplements?

    8. Adversely, what are some warning signs to help us avoid low quality vitamins and supplements?

    9. When preventing cancer, what nutritionals will help to build up our immune systems and optimize natural body function?

    10. What is herbalism and how can we use it to boost our immune function and aid other systemic function?