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  • 5 Breast Cancer Organizations You Probably Never Heard Of

    Breast cancer organizations

    As we come to a close of Breast Cancer Awareness Month here in October, we like to take a look at different breast cancer organizations that held events throughout October. Breast Cancer Organizations come in all different sizes and from all over the globe. Lets take a look at the 5 breast cancer organizations you have probably never heard of.

    Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer (MSDBC)

    A mother is someone who is there for you, through thick and thin, and always trying to protect you from anything that could hurt you. When a woman is struck with breast cancer, the mother feels just as traumatized as the daughter. The mother has protected this child from the time she was an infant until she has became independent.

    The mission of MSDBC is to provide support to mothers of daughters with breast cancer, providing the optimum support mothers need to help them, in turn, support their daughters, so they can jointly cope with the effects of breast cancer.

    Together, MSDBC provides basic medical information about breast cancer as a disease and the different treatments patients may receive. They also provide a communication network for mothers and daughters to receive support from other mothers and daughters who are currently experiencing or have experienced in the past the impact that breast cancer has on one another.

    Last but not least, they participate in local, regional and national efforts to increase breast cancer awareness and promote breast cancer prevention.

    Men Against Breast Cancer

    Men Against Breast Cancer is the first national non-profit organization designed to provide support services to educate and empower men to be effective caregivers when breast cancer strikes a female loved one.

    MABC Provides women with a breast cancer survival plan, and a caregivers action plan for men. This is a no-nonsense survival guide for the men who are committed to being there for the women they love.

    Gift for Life Walk

    Within the African-American community, cancer’s burden is particularly higher and more devastating than within the general population. In Milwaukee, WI the Affiliate of Sister’s Network is working to raise awareness about breast cancer and recently hosted the fourth annual Gift for Life Block Walk. Not only did this walk educate participants, everyone had a chance to connect with community resources, learn about early detection of breast cancer, including healthy cooking demonstrations and live music.

    Freemont Firefighters

    Usually firefighters are risking their own lives to save the life of others. This was not the case in October as the Freemont Firefighters fought for breast cancer in a less dangerous way. Nearly 140 firefighters have worn and sold pink work T-shirts for breast cancer. The fire department agrees that getting masculine men to wear pink T-shirts was thought to be a difficult task. However, quite the opposite was the truth. Just about everyone in the fire service has been affected and everyone was willing to do their part to raise awareness for breast cancer in October! Next year, they hope to raise even more money with this campaign!

    Wear It Pink Day

    A unique community of scientists, supporters and people touched by breast cancer has come together to create “Pink Science”! Pink Science is an approach to breast cancer research and trusts experts to identify the research work with the greatest potential to find a cure to breast cancer and save and improve lives upon the way.

    Pink Science has created a day that allows people to organize their own “Wear It Pink” Day. Wear It Pink Day is Breast Cancer Campaign’s biggest fundraising events. It allows individuals and groups to raise money for breast cancer and spread pink around!

    The main goal for all of this Pink and campaigning is simply to support others with breast cancer, and hope that one day the world will be breast cancer free!

    Pick one organization and let us know which is your favorite! Also, please share with us any other organizations that are doing their part with breast cancer awareness!