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  • Eating Right Can Save Your Life

    Eat Healthy

    Did you know that what you’re eating could play a significant role in your treatment of cancer? There have been multiple studies and an abundance of research done to show that consuming a healthy nutritional diet could reduce the effects of cancer causing cells.

    According to the book “The China Study” by Dr. T. Colin Campbell “Eating right can save your life”. T. Colin Campbell is a well-known health studies research scientist, graduated from Cornell University with a PHD in nutritional biochemistry. He has spent most of his life researching the effects of health and has written a significant amount of scientific papers. Not only has he demonstrated his position in the science field but he has also been involved in multiple government panels and boards for diet and health organizations. With these great discoveries in the field of nutrition, he has become one of the most influential, well-known scientists across the globe.

    In the book ”The China Study” Campbell focuses on the eating habits of Americans, noting that America spends the most per capita income per year on health care. One fourth of our youth in America are already underway to dietary related disease and cancers.

    Few people really know how they should improve their diet and health. Deciding between a McDonalds chicken salad or Burger Kings whopper sandwich are most Americans way of going healthy. The problem here is that neither one brings any benefit to your health.

    Campbell has proven through multiple studies that that a high intake of animal protein and processed foods increase your chance of developing cancer. Consuming a low quality plant protein diet is the healthiest type of protein because plant protein allows the formation of new proteins. This intake enhances efficiency of body growth. With Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s research there is now evidence to show that some cancers can be reversed through a proper diet.

    Through experiments Campbell has proven that cancer growth can be manipulated by nutrition. According to the New York Times article “Huge Study of Diet Indicts Fat and Meat” The China Project was the largest and most influential experiment ever taken between diet and disease. The science is made known. The only thing holding the information back is the status quo of health care. The powerful, influential, and wealthy industries control everything that enters media and markets, which limits the access of knowledge to the public.

    Researching and reading on a personal level is the only way Americans can access the correct knowledge about nutrition. Developing the proper facts about the food you consume and the affects it has is one of the best ways to keep your body’s immune system in good shape. As Campbell states “A good diet is the most powerful weapon we have against disease and sickness.”

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