Know Cancer

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  • Stewart's Caring Place: Cancer Wellness Center is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that began as a grassroots effort led by the family and friends of Dr. Stewart Surloff whose cancer journey ended in the fall of 2001. During his life, Stewart shared the struggles and triumphs of his cancer experience and taught us that "There is more to cancer than chemotherapy and surgery." Today, Stewart's carries on his legacy by providing support services, free-of-charge, to individuals and families touched by cancer. We enhance the quality of life for those living with cancer by offering services that honor choices, compliment medical treatment, and recognize body, mind and spirit, in a caring environment of healing and support. Programs and services include lectures and workshops, a resource center, healing arts, community referrals, movement classes, counseling, attorney consults, children and family programs, support groups and wigs.