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  • At Westside Wellness and Rehabilitation we believe your time is valuable and your health is a priority. We also believe that in order to ensure optimal recovery, you deserve a full hour of comprehensive, one on one treatment time with a highly qualified therapist who will oversee and closely monitor all aspects of your rehabilitation. Our focus is such that we cater and develop a treatment plan specific to your needs and goals. At Westside Wellness and Rehabilitation we offer an eclectic approach to physical therapy by incorporating a host of therapeutic options ranging from: hands-on manual therapy, modalities as needed, functional movement and exercise, postural and gait analysis, sports-specific training, and Pilates and Yoga exercises when appropriate. For all our patients at WWR, in all walks of life, the goal with physical therapy is to achieve balance, strength, stability, postural awareness, and optimal function for everyday life. Whether you are a "weekend warrior" who wants to get back to running marathons, a busy parent with back pain from lifting your kids, an office worker with neck pain due to typing on the computer, an athlete recovering from injury or wanting to increase performance, or a retiree who wants to get back to gardening or tennis, we have an appropriate treatment plan for you. And we have multitude of treatment options to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our clinic houses numerous pieces of Pilates equipment, as well as sports specific tools and balance training devices which can all be helpful in creating a diverse and multifaceted treatment plan that best suits the need of each individual.