Know Cancer

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  • Individualized treatment plans are the cornerstone of Arlington Cancer Center’s practice and attract patients worldwide when other physicians have turned them away or given them no hope. Our physicians work with each patient educating them about their cancer, the options and recommendations for treatment, developing the treatment plan together as a team. As part of our plans, we utilize the newest technologies to identify which therapies work best for the patient’s specific diagnosis. These individualized treatment plans are changing the odds in cancer care. Arlington Cancer Center was founded by Dr. Alfred DiStefano with a group of forward thinking physicians who trained and practiced at M.D. Anderson in Houston. For thirty years Arlington Cancer Center has been known nationally as a pioneer – offering cutting-edge, individualized cancer treatments. ACC has grown to ten physicians offering more than 150 years of combined experience in treating solid tumors and blood cancers. Our oncologists and staff have trained, practiced and taught at premier national and international cancer centers and medical schools. You will find that is extensive experience and exceptional personalized approach to patient care is what makes Arlington Cancer Center so special.