Know Cancer

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  • What sets us apart from other cancer centers in the region is our focus on interdisciplinary care. Our unique approach gets you a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan fast. That’s because you get not just one doctor, but a whole team of specialists who work in concert to develop a plan just for you. They literally get in a room together and discuss your case in detail to make sure all your options are considered. You can expect to meet with specialists who may include experts in radiation, chemotherapy, genetics and other specialties, as appropriate. It seems like such a simple idea, but we’re the only ones in Oregon taking this approach. It’s just another way that as Oregon’s only academic medical center we’re changing the way cancer care is delivered in Oregon. We’re also always advancing the practice of cancer medicine through research and developing the latest treatments, technologies and clinical trials. With the latest treatments, technologies and clinical trials, we are the only cancer center in Oregon designated by the National Cancer Institute- an honor earned only by the nation's top cancer centers.