Know Cancer

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  • In the dry air of Denver, the Jewish Consumptive Relief Society (JCRS) Sanatorium rose from the fields of a local dairy farm. Offering free care to patients suffering from tuberculosis, the staff and doctors committed themselves to controlling, if not conquering, the disease. By the 1950’s, they reached their goal and the JCRS redirected its focus on combating cancer, becoming the AMC Cancer Research Center. Over the years, our reputation grew as we became the first institution in the nation to devote its scientific resources exclusively to the prevention and control of cancer. But still there were exciting changes to come. In 2005, AMC Cancer Research Center officially affiliated with the University of Colorado Cancer Center, a state-of-the-art research and treatment institution. As we continue our mission under the name of AMC Cancer Fund we provide direct fundraising support for the innovative and important research taking place at CU Cancer Center, playing a pivotal role in conquering cancer.