Know Cancer

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  • LA Health Action led and supported the LA Access to Health Coverage Initiative, a coalition of organizations formed to identify and eliminate barriers to outreach, enrollment, retention and utilization of public health coverage programs. Funded by The California Endowment in 2003, this five-year program awarded $5.7 million in grants through our office to 14 organizations aimed at increasing enrollment in existing health care programs such as Healthy Families, Medi-Cal and Healthy Kids in regions of L.A. County with the highest numbers of uninsured residents. LA Health Action advocated for policy change to overcome key barriers identified by the coalition, such as releasing an issue brief on best practices and lessons learned over the initiative. Since the initiative’s conclusion, Community Health Councils, a nonprofit community-based health promotion, advocacy and policy organization, continues to coordinate the coalition’s activities. In addition, information on local assistance for low-cost health coverage options available to children in L.A. County may be found in the agency listing.