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  • The Know Cancer Resource Directory Overview

    Top 5 Cancer Treatment Centers in America

    The Know Cancer website is a great place to join a community in the fight against cancer. It is a support center,  a place to ask questions and a place to get general information about cancer. When you start browsing through the site, you will discover more and more resources! Particularly, the cancer resource section is huge and contains most anything you can imagine for dealing with cancer. Below is an overview of the Know Cancer Resource Directory which will help you navigate the topics and get the support you need.

    Navigating through Know Cancer

    The site contains tabs at the top of the page; they are “Community”, “Education”, and “Resources.” Under the “Resources” tab, you select from a listing of categories after which you can drill down further and select a state, then city, from the right-hand side of the page to find those resources close to you. It’s a wonderful option to find information about what’s available in your own neighborhood when sorting through cancer related businesses.

    Cancer related service providers may also use this site to include their listings to enhance the value provided to the cancer community. We all work together to support each other and can do so directly using the resource section.

    Categories in the Know Cancer Resource Directory

    Oncologists: if you do not have an oncologist, or need a second opinion, select this topic to find an oncologist in your area.

    Cancer Research Centers: you can learn more about latest cancer research findings towards a cure by checking out cancer research centers. Using this reference, you will find the name, address, phone number and website of the facility.

    Cancer Treatment Centers: you can search for your cancer care team by finding a treatment center you like, and then work with the oncologists there. The centers are sorted by state (which you select on the right-hand tabs) and list the center name, address, phone number and website.

    Medical Imaging and Screening: you may need radiology services and can search for the appropriate site for your needs by selecting this resource.

    Wellness and Nutrition: professional nutritionists and dieticians are listed here; all are available to help you find the information you need for better health.

    Holistic Practitioners: you may prefer complementary and alternative treatments; you will find them listed here. It is helpful to drill down by state using the tab listing on the right-hand side of the screen.

    Cancer Camps and Retreats: adventures exist where you can connect with others and be rejuvenated by a retreat specifically for you.

    Emotional Support: cancer is a multi-faceted disease affecting all aspects of our lives; emotional support is a helpful benefit in keeping things in perspective. You will find services for emotional help here.

    Psychiatrists: you can locate a psychiatrist in your area using this resource listing.

    Psychologists: you can locate a psychologist in your area using this resource listing.

    Legal Assistance: select a resource to help you find the answers you needing in questions that arise during your fight with cancer.

    Financial Assistance: each cancer situation has its unique set of questions that can be addressed to an appropriate resource, listed here.

    Health Insurance: the world of insurance is confusing at times; you can find information to help you obtain the best medical care and assistance here.

    Massage Therapists: cancer care can be eased with the help of therapies including massage therapy. Find help to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

    Physical Therapists: home healthcare aides are listed to find the person you need to help on your path toward recovery.

    Home Health Care: there are a variety of services available in the home health care world, from assistance with household tasks to medical services at home.

    Prosthetics, Wigs & Accessories: this listing includes products you might find help to regain your sense of self.

    Hospice: there are a number of programs to help copy with the emotional and physical components of cancer, dying and grief. You can search by state to find the program specifically to meet your needs.