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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, marked in October of each year, is an opportunity for the medical community, survivors, and grassroots organizations to raise funds, support, and awareness for this devastating disease.

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month provides a way of reminding women to be mindful of their health and overall well-being.

    National Foundations

    These organizations’ websites are excellent sources of information on breast cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

    American Cancer Society (
    Susan G. Komen for the Cure (
    National Breast Cancer Foundation (
    American Breast Cancer Foundation (

    Corporate Foundations

    Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer (
    Avon Foundation for Women (

    National Fundraisers and Awareness Events

    If you’d like to do your part and get involved, there are a number of fundraisers and events held around the globe that seek to increase breast cancer awareness and advocacy:

    Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure and 3-Day for the Cure: Since the first event in 1983,Race for the Cure has grown into the single most successful breast cancer fundraising and advocacy event in the world. Countless communities around the globe hold these 5K runs and fitness walks appropriate for participants of all ages and fitness levels. The 3-Day for the Cure is a 60-mile fundraising walk held over 3 days in various cities around the United States in the month of October. (

    Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: Staged bywomen-centric company Avon and a team of corporate sponsors, this 2-day walk covers 39 miles in various cities around the United States throughout the month of October. (

    Ride to Empower: Started in 2008,Ride to Empower is an annual fundraiser held for the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. This regional cycling event is held at a different location throughout the Southwest United States each year. (

    National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Pink Ribbon Challenge: This multimedia event relies on the support of radio stations, syndicated TV programs, top celebrities, and the general public to sponsor free mammograms for low-income and underserved women. The public can get involved by listening to a participating radio station’s website every day and clicking on the Pink Ribbon banner. The banner sends the user to a “Fund Free Mammograms” button that in turn solicits funds from corporate sponsors. All funds raised are distributed by the National Breast Cancer Foundation to hospitals, clinics, missions and mobile mammogram units that treat underserved women around the country. (

    How Can You Help?

    Even if you can’t attend one of the larger national events, you can still do your part for the cause on a smaller scale. Below are a few ideas to get started:

    Wear pink. Pink is the color of femininity and, when it comes to breast cancer, hope. Wear your favorite item of pink clothing or pink accessory or purchase one of the countless pink or breast cancer-themed items on store shelves to show your support.

    Hold a community fundraiser or awareness event. If breast cancer has affected you or someone you know, create a fundraiser or way of bringing awareness to this disease. From fashion shows to bingo games and bake sales, gather a group of your favorite enterprising women together and make something great happen.

    Participate in a breast cancer Buddy Check. Buddy Check was created in 2001 as a national movement to encourage women and their female friends to conduct regular breast self-exams to check for lumps or any other irregularities. These reminders have been embraced by a number of newswomen around the United States, and many news stations air public service announcements throughout the month of October to encourage their female viewers to do these simple exams.