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  • Know Cancer Bracelet Giveaway

    Howdy! By now I'm sure you've seen the totally awesome Know Cancer Bracelets we've been selling. We hand make these at the Know Cancer Headquarters with lots of love, and $5 from every sale goes to the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute. Anyway…we've been mentioning on twitter that we will be conducting another Bracelet Giveaway!

    So, here are the rules: 1. Join the Community (and dont just fill out the basic stuff, put up a picture so we can see your pretty face :) 2. Send me (TheKnowme) a message: this message should contain one thing about our site that you think we can improve upon That's it! We are going to run the contest until next Friday…so you've got one week! Whoever provides the most constructive, honest advice will win. It doesn't have to be technical advice, it could be about anything…whatever matters most to you.

    Whether it be about our community, the education section, or our resource directory…every bit of feedback helps us to provide the best experience to our community! Thanks for the support and feedback, and good luck!