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A Randomized Phase III Trial of Adjuvant Therapy Comparing Chemotherapy Alone (Six Cycles of Docetaxel Plus Cyclophosphamide or Four Cycles of Doxorubicin Plus Cyclophosphamide Followed by Weekly Paclitaxel) to Chemotherapy Plus Trastuzumab in Women With Node- Positive or High-Risk Node-Negative HER2-Low Invasive Breast Cancer

Phase 3
18 Years
Open (Enrolling)
Estrogen Receptor-negative Breast Cancer, Estrogen Receptor-positive Breast Cancer, HER2-positive Breast Cancer, Progesterone Receptor-negative Breast Cancer, Progesterone Receptor-positive Breast Cancer, Recurrent Breast Cancer, Stage IA Breast Cancer, Stage IB Breast Cancer, Stage II Breast Cancer, Stage IIIA Breast Cancer, Stage IIIC Breast Cancer

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Trial Information

A Randomized Phase III Trial of Adjuvant Therapy Comparing Chemotherapy Alone (Six Cycles of Docetaxel Plus Cyclophosphamide or Four Cycles of Doxorubicin Plus Cyclophosphamide Followed by Weekly Paclitaxel) to Chemotherapy Plus Trastuzumab in Women With Node- Positive or High-Risk Node-Negative HER2-Low Invasive Breast Cancer


I. To determine whether the addition of trastuzumab to chemotherapy (TC or AC→WP) improves
invasive disease-free survival (IDFS) in women with resected node-positive or high-risk
node-negative breast cancer which is reported as human epidermal growth factor receptor
(HER)2-low by all HER2 testing performed.


I. To determine whether the addition of trastuzumab to chemotherapy (TC or AC→WP) improves
disease-free survival (DFS)-ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) of women with resected
node-positive or high-risk node-negative breast cancer which is reported as HER2-low by all
HER2 testing performed.

II. To determine whether the addition of trastuzumab to chemotherapy (TC or AC→WP) improves
breast cancer-free survival (BCFS) in women with resected node-positive or high-risk
node-negative breast cancer which is reported as HER2-low by all HER2 testing performed.

III. To determine whether the addition of trastuzumab to chemotherapy (TC or AC→WP) improves
recurrence-free interval (RFI) in women with resected node-positive or high-risk
node-negative breast cancer which is reported as HER2-low by all HER2 testing performed.

IV. To determine whether the addition of trastuzumab to chemotherapy (TC or AC→WP) improves
distant RFI in women with resected node-positive or high-risk node-negative breast cancer
which is reported as HER2-low by all HER2 testing performed.

V. To determine whether the addition of trastuzumab to chemotherapy (TC or AC→WP) improves
overall survival (OS) in women with resected node-positive or high-risk node-negative breast
cancer which is reported as HER2-low by all HER2 testing performed.

VI. To evaluate the associations between amenorrhea and circulating reproductive hormone
levels, and the associations between chemotherapy regimen, amenorrhea, and IDFS benefit in
premenopausal women eligible at baseline for the menstrual history assessments.

VII. To evaluate the toxicity associated with each of the regimens. VIII. To test the
hypothesis that the HER2 mRNA level is the predictor of the degree of benefit from
trastuzumab and the threshold for benefit in the adjuvant setting is lower than defined by
current ASCO/CAP Guidelines for HER2 assays (immunohistochemistry [IHC] and fluorescent in
situ hybridization [FISH]).

IX. To identify and/or validate molecular predictors of the degree of benefit from the
addition of trastuzumab to chemotherapy (TC or AC→WP).

X. To test the alternative hypothesis that the main determinant of trastuzumab response in
the adjuvant setting of HER2-low breast cancer is through antibody-dependent cellular
cytotoxicity (ADCC) by demonstrating that the polymorphism of the Fcγ receptor gene is
predictive of the degree of benefit from the addition of trastuzumab to chemotherapy (TC or

XI. To examine the relationship between behavioral host factors (obesity, tobacco, alcohol)
and comorbid conditions that may influence systemic inflammation and breast cancer outcomes,
controlling for tumor/stage characteristics and treatment assignment.

XII. To examine the relationship between medication exposures that may influence systemic
inflammation and breast cancer outcomes, controlling for tumor/stage characteristics and
treatment assignment.

XIII. To examine the relationship between comorbid conditions, medication exposures, and
behavioral host factors together and breast cancer outcomes, controlling for tumor/stage
characteristics and treatment assignment.

OUTLINE: This is a multicenter study. Patients are stratified according to IHC score (1+ vs
2+), number of positive nodes (0-3 vs 4-9 vs 10+), hormone receptor status (estrogen
[ER]-positive and/or progesterone receptor [PgR]-positive vs ER- and PgR-negative), and
intended chemotherapy regimen* (docetaxel and cyclophosphamide vs doxorubicin hydrochloride
and cyclophosphamide followed by paclitaxel). Patients are randomized to 1 of 2 treatment

NOTE: *Chemotherapy regimen is based on the investigator's preference.


GROUP A: Patients receive docetaxel intravenously (IV) over 60 minutes and cyclophosphamide
IV over 30 minutes on day 1. Treatment repeats every 3 weeks for 6 courses.

GROUP B: Patients receive doxorubicin hydrochloride IV over 15 minutes and cyclophosphamide
IV over 30 minutes on day 1.

Treatment repeats every 2 or 3 weeks (at the investigator's discretion) for 4 courses.
Patients then receive paclitaxel IV over 60 minutes once weekly for 12 doses.


GROUP A: Patients receive chemotherapy as in arm IA. Patients also receive trastuzumab IV
over 30-90 minutes on day 1. Trastuzumab treatment repeats every 3 weeks for 11 courses.

GROUP B: Patients receive chemotherapy as in arm IB. Patients also receive trastuzumab IV
over 30-90 minutes weekly for 12 doses. After completion of paclitaxel, patients receive
trastuzumab IV over 30-90 minutes on day 1.

Treatment repeats every 3 weeks for 13 courses. Tumor and blood samples may be collected
periodically during study treatment for correlative studies.

After completion of study treatment, patients are followed up every 6 months for 5 years and
then every 12 months for 5 years.

Inclusion Criteria:

- The tumor must be unilateral invasive adenocarcinoma of the breast on histologic

- All of the following staging criteria (according to the 7th edition of the American
Joint Committee on Cancer [AJCC] Cancer Staging Manual) must be met:

- By pathologic evaluation, primary tumor must be pT1-3

- By pathologic evaluation, ipsilateral nodes must be pN0, pN1 (pN1mi, pN1a,
pN1b,pN1c), pN2a, pN2b, pN3a, or pN3b

- If pN0, one of the following criteria must be met:

- pT2 and estrogen receptor (ER) negative and progesterone receptor
(PgR) negative

- pT2 and ER positive (PgR status may be positive or negative) and
either grade 3histology or Oncotype DX Recurrence Score of >= 25; or

- pT3 regardless of hormone receptor status, histologic grade, and
Oncotype DX Recurrence Score

- No T4 tumors including inflammatory breast cancer

- No definitive clinical or radiologic evidence of metastatic disease

- NOTE: Chest imaging (mandatory for all patients) and other imaging (if required)
must have been performed within 90 days prior to randomization

- No synchronous or previous contralateral invasive breast cancer (patients with
synchronous and/or previous contralateral DCIS or lobular carcinoma in situ [LCIS]
are eligible)

- No previous ipsilateral invasive breast cancer or ipsilateral DCIS (patients with
synchronous or previous ipsilateral LCIS are eligible)

- HER2 status of the primary tumor must be evaluated prior to randomization; all
testing performed must indicate that the tumor is HER2-low as defined below

- IHC must be performed and the IHC staining results must indicate a score of 1+
(in situ hybridization [ISH] testing is not required) or 2+ (ISH must also be
performed and must indicate that the tumor is HER2-low as described below)

- If ISH testing is performed, test results must be as follows and IHC must be 1+
or 2+: The ratio of HER2 to CEP17 must be < 2.0 or, if a ratio was not
performed, the HER2 gene copy number must be < 4 per nucleus

- Note: If the IHC staining intensity is reported as a range, e.g., 0 to 1+ or 1+
to 2+, the higher intensity score in the range should be used to determine

- No primary tumor with any of the following HER2 testing results:

- IHC staining intensity:

- 0 on all evaluations of specimens

- 3+ on evaluation of any specimen

- ISH with a ratio of HER2 to CEP17 >= 2.0 on evaluation of any specimen

- ISH result indicating HER2 gene copy number >= 4 per nucleus on evaluation of
any specimen

- The patient must have undergone either a total mastectomy or breast-conserving
surgery (lumpectomy) (patients who have had a nipple-sparing mastectomy are eligible)

- For patients who undergo lumpectomy, the margins of the resected specimen must
be histologically free of invasive tumor and DCIS as determined by the local
pathologist; if pathologic examination demonstrates tumor at the line of
resection, additional operative procedures may be performed to obtain clear
margins; if tumor is still present at the resected margin after re-excision(s),
the patient must undergo total mastectomy to be eligible (patients with margins
positive for LCIS are eligible without additional resection)

- For patients who undergo mastectomy, margins must be free of gross residual
tumor(patients with microscopic positive margins are eligible as long as
post-mastectomy RT of the chest wall will be administered)

- The interval between the last surgery for breast cancer (treatment or staging)
and randomization must be no more than 84 days

- The patient must have completed one of the procedures for evaluation of pathologic
nodal status listed below:

- Sentinel lymphadenectomy alone:

- If pathologic nodal staging based on sentinel lymphadenectomy is pN0 or

- If pathologic nodal staging based on sentinel lymphadenectomy is pN1mi or
pN1a, the primary tumor must be T1 or T2 by pathologic evaluation and the
nodal involvement must be limited to 1 or 2 positive nodes

- Sentinel lymphadenectomy followed by removal of additional non-sentinel lymph
nodes if the sentinel node (SN) is positive

- Axillary lymphadenectomy with or without SN isolation procedures

- The patient must have ER analysis performed on the primary tumor prior to
randomization; if ER analysis is negative, then PgR analysis must also be performed
(either the core biopsy or surgical resection specimen can be used for ER/PgR
testing); patients with a primary tumor that is hormone receptor-positive or
receptor-negative are eligible

- Pre- or postmenopausal

- Eastern Cooperation Oncology Group (ECOG) performance status of 0 or 1

- Absolute neutrophil count (ANC) must be >= 1,200/mm^3

- Platelet count must be >= 100,000/mm^3

- Hemoglobin must be >= 10 g/dL

- Total bilirubin must be =< upper limit of normal (ULN) for the lab unless the patient
has a bilirubin elevation > ULN to 1.5 x ULN due to Gilbert disease or similar
syndrome involving slow conjugation of bilirubin

- Alkaline phosphatase must be =< 2.5 x ULN for the lab

- Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) must be =< 1.5 x ULN for the lab (if alanine
aminotransferase [ALT] is performed instead of AST [per institution's standard
practice], the ALT value must be =< 1.5 x ULN; if both were performed, the AST must
be =< 1.5 x ULN)

- Alkaline phosphatase and AST may not both be > the ULN

- Patients with AST or alkaline phosphatase > ULN are eligible for inclusion in the
study if liver imaging (CT, MRI, PET-CT, or PET scan) performed within 90 days prior
to randomization does not demonstrate metastatic disease and the above requirements
are met

- Patients with alkaline phosphatase that is > ULN but =< 2.5 x ULN or unexplained bone
pain are eligible for inclusion in the study if a bone scan, positron emission
tomography (PET)-computed tomography (CT) scan, or PET scan performed within 90 days
prior to randomization does not demonstrate metastatic disease

- The most recent post operative serum creatinine performed within 6 weeks prior to
randomization must be =< ULN for the lab

- Not pregnant or nursing

- Negative pregnancy test

- Left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) assessment must be performed within 90 days
prior to randomization; LVEF assessment performed by 2-dimensional (D) echo
cardiogram is preferred, however, multi-gated acquisition (MUGA) scan maybe
substituted based on institutional preferences

- For patients who will receive the TC chemotherapy regimen, the LVEF must be >=
50% regardless of the cardiac-imaging facility's lower limit of normal

- For patients who will receive the AC→WP chemotherapy regimen, the LVEF must be
>= 55% regardless of the cardiac-imaging facility's lower limit of normal

- NOTE: Since the pre-entry LVEF serves as the baseline for comparing subsequent
LVEF assessments, it is critical that this baseline study be an accurate
assessment. If the baseline LVEF is > 70%, the investigator is encouraged to
have the accuracy of the initial LVEF result confirmed and repeat the test if
the accuracy is uncertain

- No history of non-breast malignancies (except for in situ cancers treated only by
local excision and basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas of the skin) within 5
years prior to randomization

- No cardiac disease (history of and/or active disease) that would preclude the use of
the drugs included in the treatment regimens, including, but not limited to:

- Active cardiac disease:

- Angina pectoris that requires the current use of anti-anginal medication

- Ventricular arrhythmias except for benign premature ventricular

- Supraventricular and nodal arrhythmias requiring a pacemaker or not
controlled with medication

- Conduction abnormality requiring a pacemaker

- Valvular disease with documented compromise in cardiac function

- Symptomatic pericarditis

- History of cardiac disease:

- Myocardial infarction documented by elevated cardiac enzymes or persistent
regional wall abnormalities on assessment of left ventricle (LV) function

- History of documented congestive heart failure (CHF)

- Documented cardiomyopathy

- No hypertension defined according to the following ineligibility criteria:

- For patients who will receive TC (regardless of the patient's age): uncontrolled
hypertension defined as sustained systolic blood pressure (BP) > 150 mm Hg or
diastolic BP > 90 mm Hg (patients with initial BP elevations are eligible if
initiation or adjustment of BP medication lowers pressure to meet entry

- For patients < 50 years old who will receive AC→WP: uncontrolled hypertension
defined as sustained systolic BP > 150 mm Hg or diastolic BP > 90 mm Hg
(patients with initial BP elevations are eligible if initiation or adjustment of
BP medication lowers pressure to meet entry criteria)

- For patients >= 50 years old who will receive AC→WP: uncontrolled hypertension
defined as sustained systolic BP > 150 mm Hg or diastolic BP > 90 mm Hg OR
controlled hypertension (systolic BP =< 150 mm Hg and diastolic BP =< 90 mmHg),
if anti-hypertensive medication(s) are needed

- NOTE: Patients who are not eligible based on the AC→WP regimen BP criteria but
who meet the TC regimen BP criteria are eligible for B-47 if the intended
chemotherapy regimen is changed to TC

- No active hepatitis B or hepatitis C with abnormal liver function tests

- No intrinsic lung disease resulting in dyspnea

- No poorly controlled diabetes mellitus

- No active infection or chronic infection requiring chronic suppressive antibiotics

- No nervous system disorder (paresthesia, peripheral motor neuropathy, or peripheral
sensory neuropathy) >= grade 2, per the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse
Events (CTCAE) v4.0

- No conditions that would prohibit administration of corticosteroids

- No known hypersensitivity to any of the study drugs or excipients, e.g., polysorbate
80 and Cremophor EL

- No other non-malignant systemic disease that would preclude the patient from
receiving study treatment or would prevent required follow-up

- No psychiatric or addictive disorders or other conditions that, in the opinion of the
investigator, would preclude the patient from meeting the study requirements

- Concurrent participation in NSABP-B-39 allowed

- No previous therapy with anthracyclines, taxanes, or trastuzumab for any malignancy

- No chemotherapy or HER2-targeted therapy administered for the currently diagnosed
breast cancer prior to randomization

- No whole-breast radiation therapy (RT) prior to randomization or partial-breast RT
that cannot be completed on or before the date of randomization

- No use of any investigational product within 30 days prior to randomization

- No continued endocrine therapy such as raloxifene or tamoxifen (or other SERM) or an
aromatase inhibitor (patients are eligible if these medications are discontinued
prior to randomization)

- No continued use of sex hormonal therapy, e.g., birth control pills, ovarian hormone
replacement therapy (patients are eligible if these medications are discontinued
prior to randomization)

- No chronic daily treatment with corticosteroids with a dose of >= 10 mg/day
methylprednisol one equivalent (excluding inhaled steroids)

- No other concurrent chemotherapy

- No other concurrent targeted therapy for malignancy

- No partial-breast irradiation following randomization

Type of Study:


Study Design:

Allocation: Randomized, Endpoint Classification: Efficacy Study, Intervention Model: Parallel Assignment, Masking: Open Label, Primary Purpose: Treatment

Outcome Measure:

Invasive disease-free survival

Outcome Time Frame:

Time to local, regional, or distant recurrence, second non-breast primary breast cancer, or death from any cause, assessed up to 10 years

Safety Issue:


Principal Investigator

Louis Fehrenbacher

Investigator Role:

Principal Investigator

Investigator Affiliation:

National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP)


United States: Food and Drug Administration

Study ID:




Start Date:

January 2011

Completion Date:

Related Keywords:

  • Estrogen Receptor-negative Breast Cancer
  • Estrogen Receptor-positive Breast Cancer
  • HER2-positive Breast Cancer
  • Progesterone Receptor-negative Breast Cancer
  • Progesterone Receptor-positive Breast Cancer
  • Recurrent Breast Cancer
  • Stage IA Breast Cancer
  • Stage IB Breast Cancer
  • Stage II Breast Cancer
  • Stage IIIA Breast Cancer
  • Stage IIIC Breast Cancer
  • Breast Neoplasms



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UW Cancer Center Johnson Creek Johnson Creek, Wisconsin  53038
Saint Joseph's Hospital Marshfield, Wisconsin  54449
Marshfield Clinic - Weston Center Weston, Wisconsin  54476
Diagnostic and Treatment Center Weston, Wisconsin  54476
Marshfield Clinic - Wisconsin Rapids Center Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin  54494
Rocky Mountain Oncology Casper, Wyoming  82609
Longmont United Hospital Longmont, Colorado  80501
Temple University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19140
Genesys Regional Medical Center Grand Blanc, Michigan  48439-8066
Singing River Hospital Pascagoula, Mississippi  39581
Methodist Hospital Houston, Texas  77030
Greene Memorial Hospital Xenia, Ohio  45385
Easton Hospital Easton, Pennsylvania  18042
Greater Baltimore Medical Center Baltimore, Maryland  21204
Lowell General Hospital Lowell, Massachusetts  01854
Rutherford Hospital Rutherfordton, North Carolina  28139
Three Rivers Community Hospital Grants Pass, Oregon  97527
Providence Medford Medical Center Medford, Oregon  97504
AnMed Health Cancer Center Anderson, South Carolina  29621
Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care Augusta, Maine  04330
Union Hospital of Cecil County Elkton MD, Maryland  21921
Miriam Hospital Providence, Rhode Island  02906
Cancer Centers of the Carolinas - Grove Commons Greenville, South Carolina  29605
Cancer Centers of the Carolinas - Seneca Seneca, South Carolina  29672
Cancer Centers of the Carolinas - Spartanburg Spartanburg, South Carolina  29307
Presbyterian Hospital Charlotte, North Carolina  28233-3549
Sutter Roseville Medical Center Roseville, California  95661
Manchester Memorial Hospital Manchester, Connecticut  06040-4188
Midstate Medical Center Meriden, Connecticut  06451
Washington Hospital Center Washington, District of Columbia  20010
Sherman Hospital Elgin, Illinois  60120-2198
Memorial Medical Center Springfield, Illinois  62781
Saint Anne's Hospital Fall River, Massachusetts  02721
Lapeer Regional Hospital Lapeer, Michigan  48446
Phelps County Regional Medical Center Rolla, Missouri  65401
Doylestown Hospital Doylestown, Pennsylvania  18901
Mercy Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19143
Wellmont Holston Valley Hospital and Medical Center Kingsport, Tennessee  37662
Metro Health Hospital Grand Rapids, Michigan  49506
Queen's Medical Center Honolulu, Hawaii  96813
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15261
Tyler Cancer Center Tyler, Texas  75702
Cancer Care Northwest Spokane, Washington  99202
Providence Hospital Mobile, Alabama  36608
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina  27599
Duke University Medical Center Durham, North Carolina  27710
Meharry Medical College Nashville, Tennessee  37208-3599
Lynchburg Hematology-Oncology Clinic Lynchburg, Virginia  24501
East Bay Radiation Oncology Center Castro Valley, California  94546
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Martinez, California  94553-3156
Larry G Strieff MD Medical Corporation Oakland, California  94609
Kapiolani Medical Center at Pali Momi Aiea, Hawaii  96701
Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children Honolulu, Hawaii  96826
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Elmhurst, Illinois  60126
Hennepin County Medical Center Minneapolis, Minnesota  
Queens Hospital Center Jamaica, New York  11432
University of Florida Gainesville, Florida  32610-0277
University of Rochester Rochester, New York  14642
Cascade Cancer Center Kirkland, Washington  98034-3013
Glens Falls Hospital Glens Falls, New York  12801
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Boise, Idaho  83706
Holy Cross Hospital Fort Lauderdale, Florida  33308
El Camino Hospital Mountain View, California  94040
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio  44106
Yale University New Haven, Connecticut  06520
Emory University Atlanta, Georgia  30322
Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan  48202
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Vallejo, California  94589
Ohio State University Medical Center Columbus, Ohio  43210
New Hampshire Oncology-Hematology PA Hooksett, New Hampshire  03106
Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19141
Straub Clinic and Hospital Honolulu, Hawaii  96813
Lakeland Regional Cancer Center Lakeland, Florida  33805
Riverside Methodist Hospital Columbus, Ohio  43214
Licking Memorial Hospital Newark, Ohio  43055-2899
Cancer Center of Kansas - McPherson McPherson, Kansas  67460
California Pacific Medical Center San Francisco, California  94115
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Lebanon, New Hampshire  03756
Mid Dakota Clinic Bismarck, North Dakota  58501
Columbus CCOP Columbus, Ohio  43206
Weiss Memorial Hospital Chicago,, Illinois  60640
University Of Vermont Burlington,, Vermont  05403
Presbyterian - Saint Lukes Medical Center - Health One Denver, Colorado  80218
Kaiser Permanente Sacramento, California  
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Dallas, Texas  
University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky  40536-0098
Wichita CCOP Wichita, Kansas  67214-3882
Montana Cancer Consortium CCOP Billings, Montana  59101
Alegent Health Immanuel Medical Center Omaha, Nebraska  68122
Alegent Health Bergan Mercy Medical Center Omaha, Nebraska  68124
Flower Hospital Sylvania, Ohio  43560-2197
Virginia Mason CCOP Seattle, Washington  98101
Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center Chicago, Illinois  60608
Addison Gilbert Hospital Gloucester, Massachusetts  01930
Southeastern Regional Medical Center Lumberton, North Carolina  28359
Granville Medical Center Oxford, North Carolina  27565
Person Memorial Hospital Roxboro, North Carolina  27573
Columbia Saint Mary's Hospital - Ozaukee Mequon, Wisconsin  53097
Metro-Minnesota CCOP St. Louis Park, Minnesota  
University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico  87131
North Texas Regional Cancer Center Plano, Texas  75075
Providence Hospital Southfield, Michigan  48075
Tufts Medical Center Boston, Massachusetts  02111
Lakeview Hospital Stillwater, Minnesota  55082
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19131
Jersey Shore Medical Center Neptune, New Jersey  07754
Decatur Memorial Hospital Decatur, Illinois  62526
Tulane University Health Sciences Center New Orleans, Louisiana  70112
Mercy Medical Center Baltimore, Maryland  21202
Louisiana State University Health Science Center New Orleans, Louisiana  70112
Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia  
Kaiser Permanente Portland, Oregon  97227
Frederick Memorial Hospital Frederick, Maryland  21701
Lankenau Hospital Wynnewood, Pennsylvania  19096
Princeton Community Hospital Princeton, West Virginia  24740
Holy Cross Hospital Silver Spring, Maryland  20910
Montana Cancer Specialists Missoula, Montana  59807-7877
Desert Regional Medical Center Palm Springs, California  92262
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center Burbank, California  91505-4866
Florida Hospital Orlando, Florida  32803
Memorial Health University Medical Center Savannah, Georgia  31404
Phoenixville Hospital Phoenixville, Pennsylvania  19460
DeKalb Medical Center Decatur, Georgia  30033
Northern Indiana Cancer Research Consortium South Bend, Indiana  
Rockwood Clinic Spokane, Washington  99220
Rohnert Park Cancer Center Rohnert Park, California  94928
South Sacramento Cancer Center Sacramento, California  95823
University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio  45267-0502
Hawaii Medical Center East Honolulu, Hawaii  96817
Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic - Oshkosh Oshkosh, Wisconsin  54904
Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center Hershey, Pennsylvania  17033
Hematology Oncology Associates Albuquerque, New Mexico  87106
Piedmont Fayette Hospital Fayetteville, Georgia  30214
Southeast Cancer Center Cape Girardeau, Missouri  63703
Butler Memorial Hospital Butler, Pennsylvania  16001
The Community Hospital Munster, Indiana  46321
Littleton Adventist Hospital Littleton, Colorado  80122
Parker Adventist Hospital Parker, Colorado  80138
New Ulm Medical Center New Ulm, Minnesota  56073
United Hospital Center Clarksburg, West Virginia  26301
Upper Chesapeake Medical Center Bel Air, Maryland  21014
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Peoria, Illinois  61637
Northside Hospital Atlanta, Georgia  30342
Saint Helena Hospital Saint Helena, California  94574
Mills - Peninsula Hospitals Burlingame, California  94010
Valley Medical Oncology Consultants-Castro Valley Castro Valley, California  94546
Northbay Cancer Center Fairfield, California  94533
Valley Medical Oncology Consultants-Fremont Fremont, California  94538
Kaiser Permanente, Fremont Fremont, California  94538
Kaiser Permanente, Hayward Hayward, California  94545
Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula Monterey, California  93940
Palo Alto Medical Foundation-Camino Division Mountain View, California  94040
Bay Area Breast Surgeons Inc Oakland, California  94609
Bay Area Tumor Institution CCOP Oakland, California  94609
Tom K Lee Inc Oakland, California  94609
Kaiser Permanente-Oakland Oakland, California  94611
Saint Joseph Hospital Orange, California  92868
Palo Alto Medical Foundation Heath Care Palo Alto, California  94301
Kaiser Permanente-Redwood City Redwood City, California  94063
Kaiser Permanente-Richmond Richmond, California  94801
Kaiser Permanente-Roseville Roseville, California  95661
Sutter General Hospital Sacramento, California  95816
Kaiser Permanente-South Sacramento Sacramento, California  95823
Kaiser Permanente - Sacramento Sacramento, California  95825
Kaiser Permanente-San Francisco San Francisco, California  94115
Kaiser Permanente-Santa Teresa-San Jose San Jose, California  95119
Doctors Medical Center- JC Robinson Regional Cancer Center San Pablo, California  94806
Kaiser Permanente-San Rafael San Rafael, California  94903
Kaiser Permanente-Santa Rosa Santa Rosa, California  95403
Kaiser Permanente-South San Francisco South San Francisco, California  94080
Kaiser Permanente-Stockton Stockton, California  95210
Kaiser Permanente-Vallejo Vallejo, California  94589
Kaiser Permanente-Walnut Creek Walnut Creek, California  94596
The Medical Center of Aurora Aurora, Colorado  80012
Penrose-Saint Francis Healthcare Colorado Springs, Colorado  80907
Memorial Hospital Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, Colorado  80909
Saint Anthony Central Hospital Denver, Colorado  80204
Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital Denver, Colorado  80218
Colorado Cancer Research Program CCOP Denver, Colorado  80224-2522
Saint Mary's Hospital and Regional Medical Center Grand Junction, Colorado  81502
Saint Mary Corwin Medical Center Pueblo, Colorado  81004
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center Hartford, Connecticut  06105
The Hospital of Central Connecticut New Britain, Connecticut  06050
Bayhealth Medical Center at Kent General Dover, Delaware  19901
Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University Washington, District of Columbia  20057
Edna Williams Cancer Center at the Baptist Cancer Institute Jacksonville, Florida  32207
The Watson Clinic Lakeland, Florida  33805
M D Anderson Cancer Center- Orlando Orlando, Florida  32806
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Albany, Georgia  31703
Atlanta Regional CCOP Atlanta, Georgia  30342
Well Star Cobb Hospital Austell, Georgia  30106
John B Amos Cancer Center Columbus, Georgia  31904
Wellstar Kennestone Hospital Marietta, Georgia  30060
Saint Joseph's-Candler Health System Savannah, Georgia  31405
Oncare Hawaii Inc-POB II Honolulu, Hawaii  96813
Oncare Hawaii Inc-Kuakini Honolulu, Hawaii  96817
University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii  96813
Saint Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute Boise, Idaho  83712
Saint Anthony's Health Alton, Illinois  62002
Rush - Copley Medical Center Aurora, Illinois  60504
John H Stroger Jr Hospital of Cook County Chicago, Illinois  60612-3785
Resurrection Healthcare Chicago, Illinois  60631
Cancer Institute at Alexian Brothers Elk Grove Village, Illinois  60007
Saint Francis Hospital Evanston, Illinois  60202
Joliet Oncology-Hematology Associates Limited Joliet, Illinois  60435
Provena Saint Mary's Hospital Kankakee, Illinois  60901
Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center Mt. Vernon, Illinois  62864
Community Cancer Center Foundation Normal, Illinois  61761
Illinois CancerCare-Ottawa Clinic Ottawa, Illinois  61350
Ottawa Regional Hospital and Healthcare Center Ottawa, Illinois  61350
Pekin Cancer Treatment Center Pekin, Illinois  61554
Illinois Oncology Research Association CCOP Peoria, Illinois  61615
Illinois CancerCare-Peoria Peoria, Illinois  61615
Illinois Valley Hospital Peru, Illinois  61354
West Suburban Cancer Center River Forest, Illinois  60305
Saint Francis Hospital and Health Centers Beech Grove, Indiana  46107
Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology Inc - State Boulevard Fort Wayne, Indiana  46845
Saint Vincent Hospital and Health Services Indianapolis, Indiana  46260
Saint Anthony Memorial Health Center Michigan City, Indiana  46360
Reid Hospital and Health Care Services Richmond, Indiana  47374
McFarland Clinic Ames, Iowa  50010
Cedar Rapids Oncology Association Cedar Rapids, Iowa  52403
Iowa Blood and Cancer Care PLC Cedar Rapids, Iowa  52402
Mercy Hospital Cedar Rapids, Iowa  52403
Saint Luke's Hospital Cedar Rapids, Iowa  52402
Medical Oncology and Hematology Associates-West Des Moines Clive, Iowa  50325
Genesis Medical Center - East Campus Davenport, Iowa  52803
Iowa Oncology Research Association CCOP Des Moines, Iowa  50309
Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines Des Moines, Iowa  50314
Medical Oncology and Hematology Associates-Des Moines Des Moines, Iowa  50309
Mercy Medical Center-Sioux City Sioux City, Iowa  51104
Saint Luke's Regional Medical Center Sioux City, Iowa  51104
Covenant Medical Center Waterloo, Iowa  50702
Cancer Center of Kansas - El Dorado El Dorado, Kansas  67042
Cancer Center of Kansas-Kingman Kingman, Kansas  67068
Cancer Center of Kansas - Parsons Parsons, Kansas  67357
Cancer Center of Kansas - Pratt Pratt, Kansas  67124
Cancer Center of Kansas-Wichita Medical Arts Tower Wichita, Kansas  67208
Cancer Center of Kansas - Main Office Wichita, Kansas  67214
Ochsner Clinic Foundation-Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70809
Medical Center of Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana  70112
Ochsner Clinic CCOP New Orleans, Louisiana  70121
Highland Clinic Shreveport, Louisiana  71105
Washington County Hospital Hagerstown, Maryland  21740
Associates In Oncology Hematology PC-Rockville Rockville, Maryland  20878
Holy Family Hospital Methuen, Massachusetts  01844
North Shore Medical Center Cancer Center Peabody, Massachusetts  01960
Berkshire Hematology Oncology PC Pittsfield, Massachusetts  01201
Commonwealth Hematology Oncology PC-Quincy Quincy, Massachusetts  02169
Hickman Cancer Center Adrian, Michigan  49221
Michigan Cancer Research Consortium Community Clinical Oncology Program Ann Arbor, Michigan  48106
Oakwood Hospital Dearborn, Michigan  48123
Saint John Hospital and Medical Center Detroit, Michigan  48236
Michigan State University - Breslin Cancer Center East Lansing, Michigan  48824-1313
Green Bay Oncology - Escanaba Escanaba, Michigan  49431
McLaren Regional Medical Center Flint, Michigan  48532
Grand Rapids Clinical Oncology Program Grand Rapids, Michigan  49503
Saint Mary's Health Care Grand Rapids, Michigan  49503
Spectrum Health at Butterworth Campus Grand Rapids, Michigan  49503
Green Bay Oncology - Iron Mountain Iron Mountain, Michigan  49801
Allegiance Health Jackson, Michigan  49201
Ingham Regional Medical Center Lansing, Michigan  48910
Sparrow Hospital Lansing, Michigan  48912
Saint Mary Mercy Hospital Livonia, Michigan  48154
Mid-Michigan Medical Center - Midland Midland, Michigan  48670
Mercy Memorial Hospital Monroe, Michigan  48162
Mercy Health Partners-Mercy Campus Muskegon, Michigan  49443
Northern Michigan Regional Hospital Petoskey, Michigan  49770
Saint Joseph Mercy Oakland Pontiac, Michigan  48341-2985
Saint Joseph Mercy Port Huron Port Huron, Michigan  48060
Saint Mary's of Michigan Saginaw, Michigan  48601
Lakeland Hospital St. Joseph, Michigan  49085
Saint John Macomb-Oakland Hospital Warren, Michigan  48093
Medini, Eitan MD (UIA Investigator) Alexandria, Minnesota  56308
Miller-Dwan Hospital Duluth, Minnesota  55805
Saint Luke's Hospital of Duluth Duluth, Minnesota  55805
Unity Hospital Fridley, Minnesota  55432
Immanuel-Saint Joseph Hospital-Mayo Health System Mankato, Minnesota  56002
Saint John's Hospital - Healtheast Maplewood, Minnesota  55109
Minnesota Oncology Hematology PA-Maplewood Maplewood, Minnesota  55109
North Memorial Medical Health Center Robbinsdale, Minnesota  55422
Saint Cloud Hospital Saint Cloud, Minnesota  56303
Park Nicollet Clinic - Saint Louis Park Saint Louis Park, Minnesota  55416
Minnesota Oncology and Hematology PA-Woodbury Woodbury, Minnesota  55125
Freeman Health System Joplin, Missouri  64804
Saint Luke's Cancer Institute Kansas City, Missouri  64111
Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri  64111
Saint Joseph Health Center Kansas City, Missouri  64114
Liberty Radiation Oncology Clinic Kansas City, Missouri  64116
Saint Anthony's Medical Center Saint Louis, Missouri  63128
Saint Louis-Cape Girardeau CCOP Saint Louis, Missouri  63141
Missouri Baptist Medical Center Saint Louis, Missouri  63131
Saint John's Mercy Medical Center Saint Louis, Missouri  63141
Ozark Health Ventures LLC dba Cancer Research for The Ozarks Springfield Springfield, Missouri  65802
Saint John's Hospital Springfield, Missouri  65804
Cox Medical Center Springfield, Missouri  65807
Hematology-Oncology Centers of the Northern Rockies PC Billings, Montana  59101
Saint Vincent Healthcare Billings, Montana  59101
Billings Clinic Billings, Montana  59107-7000
Saint James Community Hospital and Cancer Treatment Center Butte, Montana  59701
Benefis Healthcare- Sletten Cancer Institute Great Falls, Montana  59405
Saint Peter's Community Hospital Helena, Montana  59601
Glacier Oncology PLLC Kalispell, Montana  59901
Saint Patrick Hospital - Community Hospital Missoula, Montana  59802
Good Samaritan Hospital Kearney, Nebraska  68847
Lincoln Medical Education Foundation Cancer Resource Center Lincoln, Nebraska  68510
Missouri Valley Cancer Consortium CCOP Omaha, Nebraska  68106
Nevada Cancer Research Foundation CCOP Las Vegas, Nevada  89106
Exeter Hospital Exeter, New Hampshire  03833
New Hampshire Oncology Hematology Associates Hooksett, New Hampshire  03106
Cheshire Medical Center-Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene Keene, New Hampshire  03431
LRGHealthcare-Lakes Region General Hospital Laconia, New Hampshire  03246
Cooper Hospital University Medical Center Camden, New Jersey  08103
Hunterdon Medical Center Flemington, New Jersey  08822
Saint Barnabas Medical Center Livingston, New Jersey  07039
Fox Chase Cancer Center at Virtua Memorial Hospital of Burlington County Mount Holly, New Jersey  08060
Sparta Cancer Treatment Center Sparta, New Jersey  07871
South Jersey Healthcare Vineland, New Jersey  08360
Virtua West Jersey Hospital Voorhees Voorhees, New Jersey  08043
University of New Mexico at Lovelace Medical Center Albuquerque, New Mexico  87102
Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital Albuquerque, New Mexico  87110
Memorial Medical Center - Las Cruces Las Cruces, New Mexico  88011
Orange Regional Medical Center Middletown, New York  10940
Saint Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center - Saint Luke's Division New York, New York  10025
Columbia University Medical Center New York, New York  10032
Interlakes Foundation Inc-Rochester Rochester, New York  14623
Highland Hospital Rochester, New York  14620
State University of New York Upstate Medical University Syracuse, New York  13210
Dickstein Cancer Treatment Center White Plains, New York  10601
Mission Hospitals Inc Asheville, North Carolina  28801
Alamance Regional Medical Center Burlington, North Carolina  27216
Gaston Memorial Hospital Gastonia, North Carolina  28054
Wayne Memorial Hospital Goldsboro, North Carolina  27534
Margaret R Pardee Memorial Hospital Hendersonville, North Carolina  28791
Kinston Medical Specialists PA Kinston, North Carolina  28501
Marion L Shepard Cancer Center Washington, North Carolina  27889
Saint Alexius Medical Center Bismarck, North Dakota  58501
Summa Barberton Hospital Barberton, Ohio  44203
Aultman Health Foundation Canton, Ohio  44710
Doctors Hospital Columbus, Ohio  43228
Grant Medical Center Columbus, Ohio  43215
Mount Carmel Health Center West Columbus, Ohio  43222
Good Samaritan Hospital - Dayton Dayton, Ohio  45406
Dayton CCOP Dayton, Ohio  45429
Samaritan North Health Center Dayton, Ohio  45415
Hematology Oncology Center Incorporated Elyria, Ohio  44035
Blanchard Valley Hospital Findlay, Ohio  45840
Atrium Medical Center-Middletown Regional Hospital Franklin, Ohio  45005-1066
Kettering Medical Center Kettering, Ohio  45429
Saint Rita's Medical Center Lima, Ohio  45801
Mansfield General Hospital-MedCentral Health System Mansfield, Ohio  44903
Marietta Memorial Hospital Marietta, Ohio  45750
Toledo Radiation Oncology at Northwest Ohio Onocolgy Center Maumee, Ohio  43537
Saint Charles Hospital Oregon, Ohio  43616
North Coast Cancer Care Sandusky, Ohio  44870
Toledo Community Hospital Oncology Program CCOP Toledo, Ohio  43617
Mercy Cancer Center at Saint Anne Mercy Hospital Toledo, Ohio  43623
University of Toledo Toledo, Ohio  43614
Saint Vincent Mercy Medical Center Toledo, Ohio  43608
Upper Valley Medical Center Troy, Ohio  45373
Saint Ann's Hospital Westerville, Ohio  43081
Wright-Patterson Medical Center Wright-Patterson Afb, Ohio  45433-5529
Genesis HealthCare System Zanesville, Ohio  43701
Natalie W Bryant Cancer Center Tulsa, Oklahoma  74136
Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center Portland, Oregon  97210
Salem Hospital Salem, Oregon  97309
Pocono Medical Center East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania  18301
Ephrata Cancer Center Ephrata, Pennsylvania  17522
Riddle Hospital Media, Pennsylvania  19063
Pottstown Memorial Medical Center Pottstown, Pennsylvania  19464
Saint Joseph Medical Center Reading, Pennsylvania  19605
Hematology and Oncology Associates of North East Pennsylvania Scranton, Pennsylvania  18508
Scranton Hematology Oncology Scranton, Pennsylvania  18510
Mercy Hospital Scranton, Pennsylvania  18501
Associates In Hematology Oncology PC-Upland Upland, Pennsylvania  19013
Geisinger Wyoming Valley Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania  18711
Mainline Health CCOP Wynnewood, Pennsylvania  19096
Kent County Hospital Warwick, Rhode Island  02886
AnMed Health Hospital Anderson, South Carolina  29621
Greenville CCOP Greenville, South Carolina  29615
Greenville Memorial Hospital Greenville, South Carolina  29605
Upstate Carolina CCOP Spartanburg, South Carolina  29303
Conklin Regional Cancer Center Aberdeen, South Dakota  57401
Sanford Cancer Center-Oncology Clinic Sioux Falls, South Dakota  57104
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas Dallas, Texas  75231
Fredericksburg Oncology Inc Fredericksburg, Virginia  22401
Peninsula Cancer Institute-Newport News Newport News, Virginia  23601
Southwest VA Regional Cancer Center Norton, Virginia  24273
Harrison Bremerton Hematology and Oncology Bremerton, Washington  98310
Saint Francis Hospital Federal Way, Washington  98003
Columbia Basin Hematology and Oncology PLLC Kennewick, Washington  99336
Evergreen Hospital Medical Center Kirkland, Washington  98033
Providence - Saint Peter Hospital Olympia, Washington  98506-5166
Good Samaritan Community Hospital Puyallup, Washington  98372
Minor and James Medical PLLC Seattle, Washington  98104
The Polyclinic Seattle, Washington  98122
Swedish Medical Center-First Hill Seattle, Washington  98122-4307
Northwest CCOP Tacoma, Washington  98405
Multicare Health System Tacoma, Washington  98415
Saint Clare Hospital Tacoma, Washington  98499
Saint Joseph Medical Center Tacoma, Washington  98405
Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center Huntington, West Virginia  25701
West Virginia University Morgantown, West Virginia  26506
Wheeling Hospital Wheeling, West Virginia  26003
Langlade Hospital and Cancer Center Antigo, Wisconsin  54409
Sacred Heart Hospital Eau Claire, Wisconsin  54701
Central Wisconsin Cancer Program Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin  54935
Saint Vincent Hospital Green Bay, Wisconsin  54301
Green Bay Oncology Limited at Saint Mary's Hospital Green Bay, Wisconsin  54303
Saint Mary's Hospital Green Bay, Wisconsin  54303
Green Bay Oncology at Saint Vincent Hospital Green Bay, Wisconsin  54301-3526
Aurora BayCare Medical Center Green Bay, Wisconsin  54311-6519
Dean Hematology and Oncology Clinic Madison, Wisconsin  53717
Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic-Marinette Marinette, Wisconsin  54143
Bay Area Medical Center Marinette, Wisconsin  54143
Marshfield Clinic-Minocqua Center Minocqua, Wisconsin  54548
Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital-ProHealth Care Inc Oconomowoc, Wisconsin  53066-3896
Green Bay Oncology - Oconto Falls Oconto Falls, Wisconsin  54154
Marshfield Clinic at James Beck Cancer Center Rhinelander, Wisconsin  54501
Marshfield Clinic-Rice Lake Center Rice Lake, Wisconsin  54868
Saint Michael's Hospital Stevens Point, Wisconsin  54481
Green Bay Oncology - Sturgeon Bay Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin  54235
Marshfield Clinic-Wausau Center Wausau, Wisconsin  54401
Aspirus Regional Cancer Center Wausau, Wisconsin  54401
Women and Infants Hospital Providence, Rhode Island  02905
University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center Baltimore, Maryland  21201
Jupiter Medical Center Jupiter, Florida  33458
Rutland Regional Medical Center Rutland, Vermont  05701
Puget Sound Cancer Center Edmonds, Washington  98026
Henry Ford Macomb Hospital Clinton Township, Michigan  48038
University of Illinois Chicago, Illinois  60612
Stony Brook University Medical Center Stony Brook, New York  11794
Alle-Kiski Medical Center Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania  15065
Roger Maris Cancer Center Fargo, North Dakota  58122
Great Lakes Cancer Institute Lansing, Michigan  48910
Lahey Clinic Medical Center Burlington, Massachusetts  01805
Baptist Hospital East Louisville, Kentucky  40207
Elkhart Clinic Elkhart, Indiana  46515
John Muir Medical Center-Concord Campus Concord, California  94520
Mount Sinai Medical Center CCOP Miami Beach, Florida  33140
Northeast Georgia Cancer Care LLC Athens, Georgia  30607
Harbin Clinic Medical Oncology and Clinical Research Rome, Georgia  30165
Portneuf Medical Center Pocatello, Idaho  83201
Kootenai Cancer Center Post Falls, Idaho  83854
Illinois CancerCare-Bloomington Bloomington%, Illinois  61701
Illinois CancerCare-Canton Canton, Illinois  61520
Illinois CancerCare-Carthage Carthage, Illinois  62321
Illinois CancerCare-Eureka Eureka, Illinois  61530
Delnor Community Hospital Geneva, Illinois  60134
Illinois CancerCare-Havana Havana, Illinois  62644
Illinois CancerCare-Kewanee Clinic Kewanee, Illinois  61443
Illinois CancerCare-Macomb Macomb, Illinois  61455
Illinois CancerCare-Monmouth Monmouth, Illinois  61462
Illinois CancerCare-Community Cancer Center Normal, Illinois  61761
Illinois CancerCare-Pekin Pekin, Illinois  61603
Illinois CancerCare-Peru Peru, Illinois  61354
Illinois CancerCare-Princeton Princeton, Illinois  61356
Illinois CancerCare-Spring Valley Spring Valley, Illinois  61362
Michiana Hematology Oncology PC-Elkhart Elkhart, Indiana  46514
Michiana Hematology Oncology PC-Plymouth Plymouth, Indiana  46563
Michiana Hematology Oncology PC-South Bend South Bend, Indiana  46601
Michiana Hematology Oncology-PC Westville Westville, Indiana  46391
Cancer Center of Kansas-Liberal Liberal, Kansas  67901
Saint Agnes Hospital Baltimore, Maryland  21229
The Memorial Hospital at Easton Easton, Maryland  21601
University of Michigan University Hospital Ann Arbor, Michigan  48109
Michiana Hematology Oncology PC-Niles Niles, Michigan  49120
Central Care Cancer Center-Carrie J Babb Cancer Center Bolivar, Missouri  65613
University of Missouri - Ellis Fischel Columbia, Missouri  65203
UMDNJ - New Jersey Medical School Newark, New Jersey  07103
Carolinas Medical Center - Northeast Concord, North Carolina  28025
Rex Cancer Center Raleigh, North Carolina  27607
Duke Raleigh Hospital Raleigh, North Carolina  27609
North Coast Cancer Care-Clyde Clyde, Ohio  43410
Community Health Partners Regional Medical Center Elyria, Ohio  44035
Oncology Hematology Associates of Northern Pennsylvania Dubois, Pennsylvania  15801
Saint Mary Medical and Regional Cancer Center Langhorne, Pennsylvania  19047
Roper Hospital Charleston, South Carolina  29401
Cancer Centers of the Carolinas - Faris Greenville, South Carolina  29605
Cancer Centers of the Carolinas-Greer Medical Oncology Greer, South Carolina  29650
Texas Oncology - Round Rock Cancer Center Round Rock, Texas  78681
Sandra L Maxwell Cancer Center Cedar City, Utah  84720
Intermountain Medical Center Murray, Utah  84157
Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Provo, Utah  84603
Dixie Medical Center Regional Cancer Center Saint George, Utah  84770
Utah Cancer Specialists-Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, Utah  84106
Virginia Oncology Associates-Hampton Hampton, Virginia  23666
Skagit Valley Hospital Mt. Vernon, Washington  98273
Evergreen Hematology and Oncology PS Spokane, Washington  99218
West Virginia University Charleston Charleston, West Virginia  25304
Marshfield Clinic-Chippewa Center Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin  54729
Holy Family Memorial Hospital Manitowoc, Wisconsin  54221
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Saint Joseph Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53210
Wheaton Franciscan Cancer Care - All Saints Racine, Wisconsin  53405
Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic-Sheboygan Sheboygan, Wisconsin  53081
Marshfield Clinic Cancer Care at Saint Michael's Hospital Stevens Point, Wisconsin  54481
Aurora Medical Center in Summit Summit, Wisconsin  53066
Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic Two Rivers, Wisconsin  54241
Riverview Hospital Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin  54494
Texas Oncology PA Dallas, Texas  75231
Texas Cancer Center-Sherman Sherman, Texas  75090
Premiere Oncology of Arizona Scottsdale, Arizona  85260
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Park Ridge, Illinois  60068
Monter Cancer Center Lake Success, New York  11042
Hope, A Women's Cancer Center Asheville, North Carolina  28816
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center-Todd Cancer Institute Long Beach, California  90806
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center Los Angeles, California  90027
Saint Vincent's Medical Center Jacksonville, Florida  32204
Grady Health System Atlanta, Georgia  30303
Norton Health Care Pavilion - Downtown Louisville, Kentucky  40202
Kaiser Permanente - Largo Medical Center Largo, Maryland  20774
Kaiser Permanente - Shady Grove Medical Center Rockville, Maryland  20850
FirstHealth of the Carolinas-Moore Regional Hosiptal Pinehurst, North Carolina  28374
Kaiser Permanente - Fair Oaks Medical Center Fairfax, Virginia  22033
Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma Research Lawton, Oklahoma  
Western Maryland Health System Cumberland, Maryland  21502
Saint Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute - Fruitland Fruitland, Idaho  83619
Kaiser Anaheim Medical Center Anaheim, California  92807
Kaiser Permanente-Deer Valley Medical Center Antioch, California  94531
Kaiser Permanente Medical Group - Baldwin Park Baldwin Park, California  91706
Kaiser Foundation Hospital Bellflower, California  90706
Kaiser Permanente Hospital Fontana, California  92335
Kaiser Permanente - Harbor City Harbor City, California  90710
Kaiser Permanente-West Los Angeles Los Angeles, California  90034
Epic Care-Oakland Oakland, California  94612
Kaiser Permanente Oakland-Broadway Oakland, California  94611
Kaiser Permanente - Panorama City Panorama City, California  91402
Palchak David MD Pismo Beach, California  93449
Kaiser Permanente-Rancho Cordova Cancer Center Rancho Cardova, California  95670
The Permanente Medical Group-Roseville Radiation Oncology Roseville, California  95678
Salinas Valley Memorial Salinas, California  93901
Kaiser Permanente at San Diego San Diego, California  92120
Kaiser Permanente Health Care San Marcos, California  92069
Kaiser Permanente Radiation Oncology Cancer Treatment Center Santa Clara, California  95051
Kaiser Permanente Cancer Treatment Center South San Francisco, California  94080
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center-Vacaville Vacaville, California  95688
Kaiser Permanente-Rock Creek Lafayette, Colorado  80026
Kaiser Permanente Moanalua Medical Center Honolulu, Hawaii  96819
Wilcox Memorial Hospital and Kauai Medical Clinic Lihue, Hawaii  96766-1099
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center Lewiston, Idaho  83501
Saint Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute - Meridian Meridian, Idaho  83642
Saint Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute - Nampa Nampa, Idaho  83686
Central DuPage Hospital Cancer Center Warrenville, Illinois  60555
Saint John's Health System Cancer Center Anderson, Indiana  46016
Saint Luke's South Hospital Overland Park, Kansas  66213
Kansas City CCOP Prairie Village, Kansas  66208
Owensboro Mercy Medical Center Owensboro, Kentucky  42303
Hematology and Oncology Clinic Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70809
Ochsner North Shore Medical Center Covington, Louisiana  70433
Veterans Administration Medical Center Baltimore, Maryland  21201
Singh and Arora Hematology Oncology PC Flint, Michigan  48532
Great Lakes Cancer Institute-Lapeer Campus Lapeer, Michigan  48446
Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center Mount Clemens, Michigan  48043
Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital Reed City, Michigan  49677
Capital Region Medical Center-Goldschmidt Cancer Center Jefferson City, Missouri  65109
Heartland Hematology and Oncology Associates Incorporated Kansas City, Missouri  64118
Saint John's Clinic-Rolla-Cancer and Hematology Rolla, Missouri  65401
Saint Joseph Oncology Inc Saint Joseph, Missouri  64507
Comprehensive Cancer Care PC Saint Louis, Missouri  63141
Arnot Ogden Medical Center Elmira, New York  14905
Saint Francis Poughkeepsie, New York  12601
Forsyth Memorial Hospital Winston-Salem, North Carolina  27103
Mount Carmel East Hospital Columbus, Ohio  43213
The Mark H Zangmeister Center Columbus, Ohio  43219
Southern Ohio Medical Center Portsmouth, Ohio  45662
Saint Charles Medical Center-Bend Bend, Oregon  97701
Asante Health System Medford, Oregon  97504
Rogue Valley Medical Center Medford, Oregon  97504
Mid-Columbia Medical Center The Dalles, Oregon  97058
Susquehanna Cancer Center Williamsport, Pennsylvania  17701
Saint Francis Hospital Greenville, South Carolina  29601
Carolina Cancer Specialists Rock Hill, South Carolina  29732
Hematology Oncology Associates of Fredericksburg Inc Fredericksburg, Virginia  22401
Cancer Care Center at Island Hospital Anacortes, Washington  98221
Overlake Hospital Medical Center Bellevue, Washington  98004
Highline Medical Center-Main Campus Burien, Washington  98166
Providence Regional Cancer Partnership Everett, Washington  98201
Pacific Medical Center-First Hill Seattle, Washington  98104
United General Hospital Sedro-Woolley, Washington  98284
Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital Vancouver, Washington  98686
Saint Mary's Medical Center Huntington, West Virginia  25702
Gundersen Lutheran La Crosse, Wisconsin  54601
Saint Nicholas Hospital Madison, Wisconsin  53715
Columbia Saint Mary's Water Tower Medical Commons Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53211
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Fairbanks, Alaska  99701
Alegent Health Lakeside Hospital Omaha, Nebraska  68130
New York Oncology Hematology PC -Albany Medical Center Albany, New York  12208
New York Oncology Hematology PC - Albany Albany, New York  12206
New York Oncology Hematology PC - Amsterdam Amsterdam, New York  12010
New York Oncology Hematology PC-Hudson Hudson, New York  12534
New York Oncology Hematology PC - Latham Latham, New York  12110
New York Oncology Hematology PC - Rexford Rexford, New York  12148
New York Oncology Hematology PC - Troy Troy, New York  12180
Community Regional Cancer Care-East Radiation Oncology Indianapolis, Indiana  46219
Community Regional Cancer Care-North Indianapolis, Indiana  46256
Stanford University Hospitals and Clinics Stanford, California  94305
Kaiser Permanente-Franklin Denver, Colorado  80205
Beaufort Memorial Hospital Beaufort, South Carolina  29902
Siouxland Hematology Oncology Associates Sioux City, Iowa  51101
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda, Maryland  20889
University Medical Center Brackenridge Austin, Texas  78701
Skagit Valley Hospital Regional Cancer Care Center Mount Vernon, Washington  98274
Olympic Medical Cancer Care Center Sequim, Washington  98384
Rockwood Cancer Treatment Center Spokane, Washington  99204
Providence Saint Mary Regional Cancer Center Walla Walla, Washington  99362
Gulfport Memorial Hospital Gulfport, Mississippi  39502
INTEGRIS Cancer Institute of Oklahoma Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73142
Swedish Cancer Institute-Issaquah Issaquah, Washington  98029
Norris Cotton Cancer Center-Manchester Manchester, New Hampshire  03104
Dublin Hematology Oncology Care PC Dublin, Georgia  31021
Overlake Internal Medicine Associates Bellevue, Washington  98004
Saint Joseph's Regional Medical Center Paterson, New Jersey  07503
Forbes Regional Hospital Monroeville, Pennsylvania  15146
Methodist West Hospital West Des Moines, Iowa  50266-7700
Georgia Health Sciences University Augusta, Georgia  30912
Georgetown Hospital System Georgetown, South Carolina  29440
Texas Oncology PA - Amarillo Amarillo, Texas  79106
Texas Oncology - Garland Garland, Texas  75042
Texas Oncology - Lewisville Lewisville, Texas  75067
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center-Herrick Campus Berkeley, California  94704
Carle Foundation - Carle Cancer Center Urbana, Illinois  61801
Michiana Hematology Oncology PC-Mishawaka Mishawaka, Indiana  46545-1470
Oncology Associates at Mercy Medical Center Cedar Rapids, Iowa  52403
Marie Yeager Cancer Center Saint Joseph, Michigan  49085
Hematology Oncology Associates of Central New York PC East Syracuse, New York  13057
Mount Kisco Medical Group at Northern Westchester Hospital Mount Kisco, New York  10549-3417
Sanford Clinic North-Fargo Fargo, North Dakota  58102
Sanford Medical Center-Fargo Fargo, North Dakota  58122
Texas Oncology-Wichita Falls Texoma Cancer Center Wichita Fall, Texas  76310
Emory University Hospital Midtown Atlanta, Georgia  30308
Summa Akron City Hospital Akron, Ohio  44304
Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center Burbank, California  91505
Primary Oncology Network Fairmont, West Virginia  26554
Franciscan St. Francis Health Indianapolis, Indiana  46237
Texas Oncology-Denton South Denton, Texas  76210
The Toledo Hospital/Toledo Children's Hospital Toledo, Ohio  43606
Sanford USD Medical Center - Sioux Falls Sioux Falls, South Dakota  57117-5134
North Shore-LIJ Health System CCOP Manhasset, New York  11030
Genesys Regional Medical Center-West Flint Campus Flint, Michigan  48532
Sanford Clinic North-Bemidgi Bemidji, Minnesota  56601
Essentia Health Saint Joseph's Medical Center Brainerd, Minnesota  56401
Essentia Health Duluth Clinic CCOP Duluth, Minnesota  55805
Essentia Health Saint Mary's Medical Center Duluth, Minnesota  55805
Sanford Bismarck Medical Center Bismarck, North Dakota  58501
Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers-Oregon Oregon, Ohio  43616
Geisinger Medical Center-Cancer Center Hazelton Hazleton, Pennsylvania  18201
Community Howard Regional Health Kokomo, Indiana  46904
Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital La Porte, Indiana  46350
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center-Mishawaka Mishawaka, Indiana  46545-1470
Essentia Health Cancer Center-South University Clinic Fargo, North Dakota  58103
PeaceHealth Saint Joseph Medical Center Bellingham, Washington  98225
Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound Oncology Consortium Seattle, Washington  98109
Christiana Care Health System-Christiana Hospital Newark, Delaware  19718
Bronson Battle Creek Battle Creek, Michigan  49017
Springfield Regional Medical Center Springfield, Ohio  45505
The James Graham Brown Cancer Center at University of Louisville Louisville, Kentucky  40202
NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital Jonesboro, Arkansas  72401
Marin Cancer Care Inc Greenbrae, California  94904
Edward Hospital/Cancer Center Naperville, Illinois  60540
Saint Louis Cancer and Breast Institute-South City Saint Louis, Missouri  63109
Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers-Bowling Green Bowling Green, Ohio  43402
Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers-Maumee Maumee, Ohio  43537-1839
Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers-Toledo Toledo, Ohio  43623
PinnacleHealth Fox Chase Regional Cancer Center at Polyclinic Hospital Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  17110
Guthrie Clinic-Robert Packer Hospital Sayre, Pennsylvania  18840
Self Regional Healthcare Greenwood, South Carolina  29646
Harrison Poulsbo Hematology and Oncology Poulsbo, Washington  98370
Aurora Cancer Care-Southern Lakes Elkhorn, Wisconsin  53121
Norris Cotton Cancer Center-North Saint Johnsbury, Vermont  05819
IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Muncie, Indiana  47303
Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation Santa Rosa, California  95403
Halifax Health Medical Center-Centers for Oncology Daytona Beach, Florida  32114
Christus Saint Frances Cabrini Hospital Alexandria, Louisiana  71301
Maine Center for Cancer Medicine and Blood Disorders-Scarborough Scarborough, Maine  04074
Park Ridge Hospital Breast Health Center Hendersonville, North Carolina  28792
Holy Redeemer Hospital and Medical Center Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania  19046
Blue Ridge Medical Specialists PC Bristol, Tennessee  37620
NEA Baptist Clinic-Matthews Jonesboro, Arkansas  72401
Saint Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute-Twin Falls Twin Falls, Idaho  83301
Ochsner Baptist Medical Center New Orleans, Louisiana  70115
Carolinas Medical Center-Union Monroe, North Carolina  28112
Cleveland Regional Medical Center Shelby, North Carolina  28150
Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin New Richmond, Wisconsin  54017
Kaiser Permanente Tysons Corner Medical Center McLean, Virginia  22102
Mercy Cancer Center-West Lakes Clive, Iowa  50325
Mercy Medical Center-West Lakes West Des Moines, Iowa  50266
Saint Clare's Hospital Weston, Wisconsin  54476
D N Greenwald Center Mukwonago, Wisconsin  53149
Swedish Medical Center-Edmonds Edmonds, Washington  98026
Rex Cancer Center of Wakefield Raleigh, North Carolina  27614
Breastlink Medical Group Inc Long Beach, California  90806
Texas Oncology PA - Bedford Bedford, Texas  76022
Cancer Care Centers of South Texas- Northeast San Antonio, Texas  78217
Kaiser Permanente-Modesto Modesto, California  95356
Arizona Oncology Associates-Biltmore Cancer Center Phoenix, Arizona  85016
Kaiser Permanente-Capitol Hill Medical Center Washington, District of Columbia  20002
Penobscot Bay Medical Center Rockport, Maine  04856
Kaiser Permanente-Woodlawn Medical Center Baltimore, Maryland  21244
Kaiser Permanente-Gaithersburg Medical Center Gaithersburg, Maryland  20879
Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care-Fairhaven Fairhaven, Massachusetts  02719
Saint Peters Hospital-Albany Albany, New York  12208
Mercy Suburban Cancer Center Norristown, Pennsylvania  19401
Wellmont Bristol Regional Medical Center Bristol, Tennessee  37620
Hendrick Medical Center Abilene, Texas  79601
Texas Cancer Center - Medical City Dallas Dallas, Texas  75230
Texas Oncology-El Paso El Paso, Texas  79915
Texas Oncology-Flower Mound Flower Mound, Texas  75028
Texas Oncology Fort Worth at 12th Avenue Fort Worth, Texas  76104
Texas Oncology-McAllen McAllen, Texas  78503
Hematology Oncology Association of San Antonio Texas San Antonio, Texas  78229
US Oncology Research LLC-The Woodlands The Woodlands, Texas  77380
Kaiser Permanente-Burke Medical Center Burke, Virginia  22015