Know Cancer

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  • The Albert Einstein Cancer Center (AECC) was among the first cancer centers on a medical school campus to be funded by the National Cancer Institute in 1972 following passage of the National Cancer Act the previous year. AECC has had continuous center funding by the National Cancer Institute since that time. The goal of AECC is to foster basic, clinical, and translational research that addresses all aspects of the cancer problem. AECC members are involved in cancer-relevant research or collaborative projects with other members whose work has a cancer focus. All AECC members are supported through approved national peer-reviewed funding mechanisms. There are currently over 150 AECC members who represent a broad spectrum of basic and clinical departments. AECC sponsors core laboratory facilities that support basic, clinical and population-based research. There is a clinical trials unit who provides services for data management, regulatory affairs, and protocol development. AECC sponsors the Protocol Review Committee that evaluates all clinical studies relevant to cancer prior to review by the Institutional Review Boards.