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Pituitary Macroadenoma

Profile photo of Anonymous Anonymous asked January 17, 2012
"hello dr. my husband was diagnosed with pituitary macro adenoma with hemorrhage. he underwent endonasal endoscopic tumor removal last year jan 2011. now his prolactin was raised to 451 but with medication that's been controlled. the problem is with his cortisol production which is 0.29 morning sample and even after taking hydrocortisol since last year his cortisol is decreasing on and on. according to his endocrinologist, he has to keep taking hydrocortisol life long. pls advice. thanks in advance. ginni arora"
Expert response

Hi, Keep taking the hydrocortisone (HC) as advised by your endocrinologist – it will help replace the hormones not stimulated by the pituitary gland. The HC is to prevent the development of adrenal crisis generated by the lack of production of cortisol from the adrenal gland.
Take care,
Dr. Jag.

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