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Hormone Replacement

Profile photo of mohamedfali mohamedfali asked February 20, 2012
"my sister had a rare granulosa cell tumor of rt. ovary, grade I, about 12 years ago when she was 40 years old. endometrium showed adenomatous hyperplasia.she had a TAH with no chemo or radiation. she did she is 50 and having severe menopausal symptoms, especially severe vagina dryness, dyspareunia, vaginitis, etc.her GYN overseas is afraid to give her any hormone replacement therapy.can she take Estrace or Premarin? if so, how? pulsed or continuous?thanx"
Expert response

Hi, your question is a complicated one as most of the symptoms that she has is directly related to the lack of the estrogen hormones. However, hormone replacement, while alleviating her symptoms, is associated with an increased risk of the development of breast cancer & possibly other malignancies. I would follow the advice of your GYN in those regards.
Hope this helps,
Dr Jag.

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