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Hodgkins Lymphoma & Lung Nodules.

Profile photo of madiha madiha asked February 7, 2012
"hello, my best frnd ws diagnosed wd hodgkins lymphoma nodular sclerosis type at grade 4.she is 24 yrs old..after her first cycle of chemo which lasted for about 8 mnths she did her ct scan which showed tht she had multiple nodes in her lungs tht were still enlarged infact got a little larger than her previous scan..can u please tell me wht is her prognosis going to be?"
Expert response

Hi, It would be extremely unusual if she had development of lymphoma within the lungs. What I would do is to get her to a pulmonologist (lung specialist) to evaluate these lung nodules. A biopsy may be necessary to confirm the presence of a secondary cancer – if it exists.
Take care & let us know what is found,
Dr. JAG.

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