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Profile photo of Aceblake Aceblake asked January 18, 2012
"My wife has had problems swallowing food a few times as it gets stuck near the top of her stomach. Now she has been really sick since 1-10-12 and believes it’s the stomach flu. Allot of her family in the area (WV) has had the stomach flu and it has been really painful and long in duration.Her entire stomach and intestines are growling and flopping in her abdomen. For the first 4 days she could not eat and was very hard to keep even water down. Around the 6th day she stopped throwing up and was able to eat soup broth. But today 1-18-12 she was up all night with really bad pain in her abdomen and threw up again. She ate two-cheese stick yesterday and then she got worse. She is extremely tired and is in a lot of pain.Do you thing this could be the stomach flu or could this be related to her problem swallowing food a few times. The food has got stuck if she had a couple drinks causing her a lot of pain and throwing up.She does not have insurance and is 56 years old.I’m very concerned.Her husbandTerry"
Expert response

Hi the problem related to swallowing may or may not be related to the esophagus.
I would take her to your family doctor and have them evaluate her as soon as possible if this has resolved.
Take care,
Dr. JAG.

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