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Angiosarcoma of the Chest Wall.

Profile photo of Barbara White Barbara White asked December 11, 2011
"Last spring I was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma of the soft tissue on my chest wall, NOT breast. I am female, in my 60's. It was a fairly small tumor & it was removed this summer. The surgeon said that it was all removed, but I am still wondering about my prognosis. I have read so many things about this type of cancer coming back more often than other types of tumors that I would like your unbiased opinion as to a probable reoccurrence. Thanks you"
Expert response

Hi, Its very difficult to answer your question without completely going into your personal health history. Most patients with angiosarcomas that are resected can remain in remission for a long time if the margins are without disease or it does not have aggressive features. Talk to your surgeon about this as well as your oncologist as to whether on not you need radiation or chemotherapy.
Hope this helps,
Dr. Jag.

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