Know Cancer

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  • medical imaging & cancer screening in brooklyn, new york

  • Callen-Lorde Community Health Center

    356 W 18th St.
    New York, New York 10011 (212) 271-7200

    Callen-Lorde's grassroots heritage dates back over 40 years to the St. Mark's Community Clinic and the Gay Men's Health Project, two volunteer-based clinics that provided screening and treatment for sexually-transmitted...

    Highland Family Medicine

    777 Clinton Avenue South
    Rochester, New York 14620 (585) 279-4800

    Throughout its history, Highland Hospital has continued to evolve to meet Rochester's changing health care needs. The Hospital on the hill overlooking beautiful Highland Park first opened its doors in...

    Being able to detect cancer in its early stages is incredibly important in treating it. Check out our New York Imaging & Cancer Screening directory to find a facility near Brooklyn, New York (NY). Finding a Medical Imaging & Screening company in Brooklyn is just a few clicks away, what are you waiting for!